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06/2019 Journal Article Strengthening and repair of reinforced concrete columns... engineering, infrastructure, multi-hazard PDF icon strengthening_and_repair_of_reinforced_concrete_columns_by_jacketing_state.pdf
06/2019 Thesis The roles of pharmacists in disaster health management i... communication, emergency management
06/2019 Report Retrofitting of a high-set Queensland house for wind loa... cyclone, emergency management, vulnerability PDF icon 2.4.2_vaws_retrofitting_study.pdf
06/2019 Thesis Simulation and analysis of surface wind fields during la... cyclone, emergency management, engineering PDF icon thomas_kloetzke_thesis.pdf
06/2019 Report Emergency volunteering shared learning network emergency management, volunteering PDF icon 20190410-evn_lessons_learned_final_2019_v1.pdf
05/2019 Report The potential role of the commonwealth in responding to... emergency management, risk analysis PDF icon the_potential_role_of_the_commonwealth_in_responding_to_catastrophic_disasters.pdf
05/2019 Journal Article Ten years after the Black Saturday fires, what have we l... resilience, warnings
05/2019 Journal Article Overcoming Ambiguity: Conflict Between Emergency Warning... communication, emergency management, warnings
05/2019 Journal Article Effective diversity in emergency management organisation... diversity and inclusion, emergency management, mental health
05/2019 Journal Article Historical background and current developments for mappi... fire, fire impacts, fire weather PDF icon historical_background_and_current_developments_for_mapping_burned_area.pdf
05/2019 Thesis Remote sensing of tree structure and biomass in north Au... fire, greenhouse gases, savanna grasslands PDF icon grigorijs_goldberg_thesis.pdf
05/2019 Journal Article Public health and natural hazards: new policies and prep... emergency management, mental health, resilience PDF icon public_health_and_natural_hazards_new_policies_and_preparedness_initiatives.pdf
05/2019 Journal Article Framework for seismic vulnerability assessment of reinfo... engineering, framework, infrastructure
05/2019 Journal Article Innovative Upscaling of Architectural Elements for Stre... engineering, infrastructure, preparedness PDF icon innovative_upscaling_of_architectural_elements_for_strengthening_building.pdf
05/2019 Journal Article Managing cognitive biases during disaster response: the... emergency management, optimisation, organisational
05/2019 Journal Article Long-term solutions to improve emergency management serv... communities, emergency management, Northern Australia
05/2019 Magazine Article What do we really mean by ‘floodwater’ and is it ever ok... communication, decision making, flood
05/2019 Thesis Development of an interface using penalisation method fo... fire, modelling, physics PDF icon sesa_singha_roy_thesis
04/2019 Journal Article Internal pressures in a full-scale test enclosure with w... fire severity, severe weather
04/2019 Journal Article The Vegetation Structure Perpendicular Index (VSPI): A f... fire, fire impacts, remote sensing
04/2019 Report Fire in the south: a cross-continental exchange fire, indigenous communities PDF icon wa_hcic_bnhcrc_report_final_april_2019_final.pdf
04/2019 Journal Article Exploring ISO31000 Risk Management during Dynamic Fire a... fire, firefighter, risk management PDF icon Exploring ISO31000 Risk Management during Dynamic Fire and Emergency Operations in Western Australia
04/2019 Report Analysis of damage surveys of houses and preliminary inp... cyclone, vulnerability PDF icon task_1.1.1_damage_investigationsfor_vaws.pdf
04/2019 Conference Paper Simulated transport of short-range embers in an idealise... environments, fire impacts, fire severity
04/2019 Journal Article Assessing the ability of image based point clouds captur... environments PDF icon assessing_the_ability_of_image_based_point_clouds_captured_from_a_uav_to_me.pdf
04/2019 Journal Article Influence of road characteristics on flood fatalities in... emergency management, flood, preparedness PDF icon influence_of_road_characteristics_on_flood_fatalities_in_australia.pdf
04/2019 Journal Article Challenges for wildfire-prone urban-rural interfaces: Th... fire, planning, risk management PDF icon Challenges for wildfire-prone urban-rural interfaces The case of Melbourne
04/2019 Journal Article Review of resilience assessment of coastal bridges to ex... coastal, resilience, surface wave
04/2019 Report Managing animals in disasters (MAiD) - improving prepare... animals, decision making PDF icon managing_animals_in_disasters_maid_-_final.pdf
04/2019 Journal Article Salivary cortisol profiles of on-call from home fire and... emergency management, mental health
03/2019 Report Impact-Based Forecasting for the Coastal Zone: East Coas... severe weather PDF icon rb25-annual_report_2017_2018_impact_forecasting_v5_2.pdf
03/2019 Report Cost-Effective Mitigation Strategy Development For Flood... engineering, flood PDF icon flood_damage_models_workshop_14_june_2018_reporting_-_final_1.pdf
03/2019 Report Improving the resilience of existing housing to severe w... engineering, severe weather PDF icon improving_the_resilience_of_exisitng_housing_to_severe_wind_events_3.pdf
03/2019 Report Active fires: Early fire detection and mapping using HIM... fire weather, forecasting, scenario analysis PDF icon active_fires_early_fire_detection_and_mapping_using_hmawari-8_annual_report_2017-2018_final_2019.pdf
03/2019 Report A preliminary report on simulation of flows through cano... environments, fire impacts, tropical PDF icon a_preliminary_report_on_simulation_of_flows_through_canopies_with_varying_atmospheric_stability_final_2_2019.pdf
03/2019 Report Understanding Post-Fire Fuel Dynamics using Burnt Perman... fire, fire impacts, land management PDF icon understanding_post-fire_fuel_dynamics_using_burnt_permanent_forest_plots_final_2019.pdf
03/2019 Report The disaster resilience project: a school-based feasibil... communication, emergency management, warnings PDF icon disaster_resilience_report_with_attachment_5.pdf
03/2019 Report Townsville 2019 flood: insights from the field emergency management, flood, warnings PDF icon townsville_2019_flood_insights_from_the_field_2.pdf
03/2019 Journal Article Tree recruitment dynamics in fire-prone eucalypt savanna fire, Northern Australia, savanna grasslands PDF icon tree_recruitment_dynamics_in_fi.pdf
03/2019 Report Mapping Bushfire Hazard and Impacts Annual Report 2017-2... emergency management, fire, fire impacts PDF icon mapping_bushfire_hazards_and_impacts_annual_report_2017-2018_final_19.1.pdf
03/2019 Report Cost-Effective Mitigation Strategy Development for Build... earthquake, emergency management, mitigation PDF icon cost-effective_mitigation_strategy_development_for_building_related_earthquake_risk.pdf
03/2019 Report Final report on vulnerability of as-built and retrofitte... earthquake, emergency management PDF icon 2.2.1_final_report_on_vulnerability_of_as-built_and_retrofitted_urm_buildings_1.pdf
03/2019 Report Flash flood fatalities in NSW, VIC, ACT and South East Q... emergency management, flood, risk management PDF icon flash_flood_fatalities_in_nsw_victoria_act_se_and_qld_from_1_january_to_30_june_2017_-_final_3.pdf
03/2019 Report Enhancing resilience of critical road infrastructure: br... engineering, multi-hazard PDF icon enhancing_resilience_of_critical_road_infrastructure_bridges_culverts_and_floodways_under_natural_hazards3.pdf
03/2019 Report Determining Threshold Conditions for Extreme Fire Behavi... fire, fire impacts, fire severity PDF icon determining_threshold_conditions_for_extreme_fire_behaviour_annual_report_2017-2018_final_19.pdf
03/2019 Report Towards Protective Action: Effective Risk and Warning Co... communication, multi-hazard, warnings PDF icon towards_protective_action_effective_risk_and_warning_communication_during_natural_hazards.pdf
03/2019 Report Relicts at Risk: Impacts of the 2016 Tasmanian Fires on... environments, fire impacts, fire severity PDF icon impacts_of_the_2016_tas_fires_on_pencil_pine_qrf_final_march_2019.pdf
03/2019 Report Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for build... decision making, earthquake, emergency management PDF icon cost-effective_mitigation_strategy_development_for_building_related_earthquake_risk_final.pdf
03/2019 Journal Article Limitations of high resolution satellite stereo imagery... Northern Australia, remote sensing, savanna grasslands
02/2019 Journal Article Challenges for prescribed fire management in Australia’s... fire impacts, land management, savanna grasslands