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12/2019 Conference Paper Fuels3D: barking up the wrong tree and beyond fire impacts, multi-hazard, risk management PDF icon karin_reinke.pdf
12/2019 Journal Article Seismic fragility assessment of nonstructural components... earthquake, engineering, infrastructure
12/2019 Conference Paper Simulations of radiation heat flux on a structure from a... engineering, fire, fire impacts PDF icon Simulations of radiation heat flux on a structure from a fire in an idealised shrubland
12/2019 Report Disaggregation of JASMIN soil moisture product to 1KM re... emergency management, land management, soil moisture PDF icon kumar_disaggregation_of_jasmin_soil_moisture_product_1.0.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper A case study of South Australia's severe thundersto... coastal, risk management, storm surge PDF icon dragana_zovko-rajak.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper How Safe is Safe Enough? Melbourne Case Study earthquake, engineering, risk management PDF icon How Safe is Safe Enough Melbourne Case Study
12/2019 Conference Paper Improving flood forecasting skill using remotely sensed... flood, forecasting, modelling PDF icon Improving flood forecasting skill using remotely sensed data
12/2019 Conference Paper Experiences with the global impacts of climate change climate change, fire, fire impacts PDF icon rick_mcrae.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper Wind-terrain effects on firebrand dynamics fire, modelling, physics PDF icon Wind-terrain effects on firebrand dynamics
12/2019 Conference Paper Emergency volunteer retention: can a culture of inclusiv... communities, diversity and inclusion, volunteering PDF icon marylene_gagne.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper Prioritisation strategy for seismic retrofitting of rein... earthquake, engineering, vulnerability PDF icon Prioritisation strategy for seismic retrofitting of reinforced concrete
12/2019 Conference Paper Denaturalising heatwaves: gendered social vulnerability... resilience, risk management, vulnerability PDF icon Denaturalising heatwaves: gendered social vulnerability in urban heatwaves, a review
12/2019 Conference Paper Future risk framework: understanding tomorrow’s risk and... mitigation, planning, risk management PDF icon graeme_riddell.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper Fit for Duty pilot: ensuring the safety of CFA members a... firefighter, mental health, organisational PDF icon Fit for Duty pilot: ensuring the safety of CFA members and increasing access to health services
12/2019 Thesis Foresight for risk – using scenarios for strategic risk... decision making, economics, optimisation PDF icon graeme_riddell_thesis.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper Flood vulnerability functions: detailed vs generalised a... emergency management, flood, modelling PDF icon tariq_maqsood.pdf
12/2019 Report Demographic profiling: Western Australia Toodyay bushfir... emergency management, preparedness, risk analysis PDF icon optimising_post_disaster_recover_interventions_in_australia_case_study_toodyay.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper Probability and consequence of post-fire contamination e... fire severity, risk management, vulnerability PDF icon peter_nyman.pdf
11/2019 Journal Article The effect of ignition protocol on grassfire development fire, modelling, physics
11/2019 Thesis Damage modelling of reinforced concrete bridge piers und... engineering, flood, modelling PDF icon maryam_nasim_thesis.pdf
11/2019 Thesis Understanding the nature of abrupt decadal shifts in a c... climate change, risk management PDF icon james_ricketts_thesis.pdf
11/2019 Journal Article Augmenting physical 3D models with projected information... capability, modelling, planning
10/2019 Thesis Wellbeing of firefighters: the impact of individual fact... fire impacts, firefighter, mental health
10/2019 Report Progress report on costing of limited ductile reinforced... earthquake, emergency management, engineering PDF icon earthquake_risk_progress_report.pdf
10/2019 Thesis Investigation of spotting and intrinsic fire dynamics us... fire, fire impacts, fire severity PDF icon thomas_thesis_public.pdf
10/2019 Journal Article A universal approach for evaluating earthquake safety le... earthquake, resilience, risk analysis
10/2019 Journal Article New human capabilities in emergency and crisis managemen... decision making, organisational, resilience PDF icon New human capabilities
10/2019 Report Enhancing resilience of critical road infrastructure ann... emergency management, engineering, risk analysis PDF icon enhancing_critical_road_infrastructure_ar_18-19.pdf
10/2019 Journal Article A Temporal Framework of Large Wildfire Suppression in Pr... fire, firefighter, response PDF icon a_temporal_framework_of_large_wildfire_suppression_in_practice.pdf
10/2019 Journal Article Beyond Binary: (Re)Defining “Gender” for 21st Century Di... communities, diversity and inclusion, emergency management PDF icon beyond_binary_redefining_gender.pdf
09/2019 Report Monitoring, evaluation and learning toolkit communities, emergency management, preparedness PDF icon monitoring_evaluation_toolkit.pdf
09/2019 Journal Article Behaviour around floodwater: challenges for floodwater s... communication, flood, risk management PDF icon ajem_102019-14.pdf
09/2019 Report Determining threshold conditions for extreme bushfire be... fire, fire severity, fire weather PDF icon determining_conditions_for_extreme_bushfire_behaviour.pdf
09/2019 Journal Article Nonprofit and public sector interorganizational collabor... decision making, emergency management, organisational
09/2019 Journal Article Applying the principles of adaptive governance to bushfi... governance, land management, policy
09/2019 Report State Emergency Service volunteer views on expectations,... emergency management, volunteering PDF icon ses_survey_cultural_assessment_tool_final.pdf
09/2019 Report Mapping approaches to community engagement for preparedn... communities, multi-hazard, preparedness PDF icon main_report_1.pdf
09/2019 Journal Article Understanding the variability of Australian fire weather... climate change, fire, fire weather
09/2019 Report Recovery capitals: applying a community capitals framewo... communities, emergency management, recovery PDF icon long_term_community_recover.pdf
09/2019 Conference Paper Mitigating earthquake risk in Australia earthquake, mitigation, vulnerability
09/2019 Report Economics of natural hazards annual report 2018-2019 emergency management, governance, risk management PDF icon economics_of_natural_hazards_project_annual_report_2018-2019.pdf
09/2019 Journal Article Quantification of inter-regional differences in risk mit... climate change, fire, risk management
09/2019 Report Community engagement techniques toolkit communities, emergency management, preparedness PDF icon comm_engagement_toolkit.pdf
09/2019 Journal Article Use of Macroseismic Intensity Data to Validate a Regiona... earthquake, engineering, modelling
09/2019 Report Building resilience through flood risk communication ann... emergency management, flood, risk management PDF icon flood_risk_communication_annual_report_2018-2019.pdf
09/2019 Report Mapping bushfire hazards and impacts annual report 2018-... fire, fire impacts, fire weather PDF icon mapping_bushfire_hazards_annual_report_18-19.pdf
09/2019 Journal Article A Method for Validating the Structural Completeness of U... fire, modelling, remote sensing PDF icon A Method for Validating the Structural Completeness of Understory Vegetation Models Captured with 3D Remote Sensing
09/2019 Report The value of disaster research: a review of the literatu... economics, emergency management PDF icon value_of_disaster_research_lit_review_final.pdf
08/2019 Report Mitigating the effects of severe fires, floods and heatw... emergency management, fire, land management
08/2019 Report Risky business: Why diversity and inclusion matter diversity and inclusion, emergency management PDF icon diversity_and_inclusion_workshop_report_final_rev-c.pdf