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01/2020 Journal Article Duty or safety? Exploring emergency service personnel... emergency management, flood, organisational PDF icon duty_or_safety.pdf
01/2020 Journal Article Unpacking the meaning of resilience: the Tarnagulla comm... climate change, communities, resilience
01/2020 Report Integrated urban planning for natural hazard mitigation fire, mitigation, risk analysis PDF icon integrated_urban_planning_january_2020_final.pdf
01/2020 Journal Article The missing link in emergency management: evaluating com... communities, preparedness, resilience PDF icon The missing link
Thesis Collapse behaviour of limited ductile high-strength RC c... emergency management, engineering, infrastructure
Journal Article A Seasonal-Window Ensemble-Based Thresholding Technique... emergency management, fire, remote sensing
Journal Article Why don't bushfire warnings work as intended? Respo... communities, fire, warnings
Book Chapter The Theory/Practice of Disaster Justice: Learning from I... fire, indigenous communities, resilience
Book Chapter Animal Welfare and Disasters animals, emergency management, resilience
Book Chapter Public Policy and Disaster Justice governance, policy, vulnerability
Book Chapter Shaped by Fire: How Bushfires Forged Migrant Environment... communities, multi-hazard, vulnerability
Book Chapter Sensing bushfire: Exploring shifting perspectives as haz... communication, fire, resilience
Book A handbook of wildfire engineering: guidance for wildfir... engineering, fire, resilience PDF icon the_handbook_of_wildfire_engineering_final.pdf
Book Natural Hazards and Disaster Justice: Challenges for Aus... emergency management, framework, policy
Book Disaster Education, Communication and Engagement communication, education, emergency management
Book Chapter Looking to Courts of Law for Disaster Justice governance, recovery, vulnerability
Book Feeling the heat: International perspectives on the prev... fire, planning, preparedness
Book Chapter Dimensions of Risk Justice and Resilience: Mapping Urban... communities, decision making, recovery
Book Chapter Shallow Fire Literacy Hinders Robust Fire Policy: Black... fire, indigenous communities, prescribed burning
Book Chapter Developing guidelines for increasing the resilience of i... communities, fire, resilience
12/2019 Conference Paper Intelligent warnings: a twenty-first century approach to... communities, emergency management, warnings PDF icon jacob_riley.pdf
12/2019 Journal Article Frequency of Dynamic Fire Behaviours in Australian Fores... fire, fire severity, fire weather PDF icon fire-03-00001-v2_1.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper ACCESS-Fire: coupled fire-atmosphere modelling fire weather, forecasting, modelling PDF icon ACCESS-Fire: coupled fire-atmosphere modelling
12/2019 Report Improving the resilience of existing housing to severe w... cyclone, emergency management, engineering PDF icon Improving housing resilience annual report 1819.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper School-based bushfire education: advancing teaching and... education, fire impacts, risk management PDF icon briony_towers.pdf
12/2019 Journal Article Seismic fragility assessment of nonstructural components... earthquake, engineering, infrastructure
12/2019 Conference Paper Earthquake Management Logistics for York, WA, Pre and Po... earthquake, emergency management, engineering PDF icon Earthquake Management Logistics for York
12/2019 Conference Paper WHS 2.0 World Health and Safety: integrating disaster ri... framework, organisational, risk management PDF icon WHS 2.0 World Health and Safety
12/2019 Conference Paper Research activities within European Union research progr... emergency management, preparedness, resilience PDF icon kaare_harald_drager.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper A new decision support tool for prescribed burning risk... decision making, prescribed burning, risk management PDF icon A new decision support tool for prescribed burning risk assessment
12/2019 Report Disaggregation of JASMIN soil moisture product to 1KM re... emergency management, land management, soil moisture PDF icon kumar_disaggregation_of_jasmin_soil_moisture_product_1.0.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper Joining the dots: using social media to connect with mor... communication, organisational, warnings PDF icon Joining the dots: using social media to connect with more vulnerable Victorians during emergencies
12/2019 Conference Paper Wind-terrain effects on firebrand dynamics fire, modelling, physics PDF icon Wind-terrain effects on firebrand dynamics
12/2019 Conference Paper Detecting active fires from space using Himawari-8: a re... emergency management, fire impacts, planning PDF icon chermelle_engel.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper Predicting Maximum Displacement Demand of Asymmetric Rei... earthquake, engineering, vulnerability PDF icon Predicting Maximum Displacement Demand
12/2019 Conference Paper Business involvement in natural disasters in Australia a... capability, communities, recovery PDF icon Business involvement in natural disasters in Australia and New Zealand
12/2019 Conference Paper Pyrocumulonimbus Firepower Threshold: a pyrocumulonimbus... fire impacts, preparedness, storm surge PDF icon kevin_tory.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper Science in operations: QFES response to the 2018 Queensl... capability, fire weather, response PDF icon Science in operations: QFES response to the 2018 Queensland fires
12/2019 Report Demographic profiling: Western Australia Toodyay bushfir... emergency management, preparedness, risk analysis PDF icon optimising_post_disaster_recover_interventions_in_australia_case_study_toodyay.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper The mitigation exercise: a long term mitigation planning... coastal, flood, mitigation PDF icon edward_pikusa.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper Development of Cost-effective Mitigation Strategy for Li... earthquake, engineering, vulnerability PDF icon Development of Cost-effective Mitigation Strategy
12/2019 Conference Paper Modelling the vulnerability of a high-set house roof str... cyclone, engineering, modelling PDF icon Modelling the vulnerability of a high-set house roof structure to windstorms using VAWS
12/2019 Conference Paper Are we future ready? It depends on who you ask emergency management, vulnerability, warnings PDF icon stephen_sutton.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper Climate Ready Communities: empowering communities to spr... climate change, communities, preparedness PDF icon nick_banks.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper What's wrong and what needs fixing? Stakeholder per... capability, emergency management, volunteering PDF icon What’s wrong and what needs fixing Stakeholder perspectives on making the future of emergency volunteering
12/2019 Report Demographic profiling: Queensland floods 2010-11 Brisban... emergency management, flood, risk analysis PDF icon demographic_profiling_queensland_floods_2010-11_case_study.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper Utilisation of fire spread simulators to assess power ne... communities, modelling, warnings PDF icon jackson_parker.pdf
12/2019 Report Integrating bushfire risk reduction and statutory mechan... fire, mitigation, modelling PDF icon integrating_bushfire_risk_reduction_final.pdf
12/2019 Journal Article Evolution of an extreme Pyrocumulonimbus-driven wildfire... fire, fire severity, fire weather PDF icon Evolution of an extreme Pyrocumulonimbus
12/2019 Conference Paper Disasters and economic resilience in small regional comm... economics, recovery, resilience PDF icon Disasters and economic resilience in small regional communities: the case of Toodyay