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10/2020 Report The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: a syst... multi-hazard, resilience, vulnerability PDF icon andri_final_report_oct_2020_0.pdf
10/2020 Journal Article Variation in Eucalyptus delegatensis post-fire recovery... fire, fire impacts, land management
10/2020 Thesis Wildfire suppression – an international analysis of oper... fire, fire impacts, response PDF icon greg_penney_thesis.pdf
10/2020 Report Exploring the soil moisture-live fuel moisture relations... fuel reduction, remote sensing, soil moisture PDF icon nb09_fox-hughes_exploring_lfmc_smc_relationship_final_rt.pdf
10/2020 Journal Article Professionalism: certification for emergency management... capability, emergency management, organisational PDF icon Professionalism certification for emergency management leaders
10/2020 Report Mapping bushfire hazard and impacts – final project repo... fire, fire impacts, remote sensing PDF icon mapping_bushfire_hazard_and_impact_-_final_report.pdf
10/2020 Thesis Disaster risk reduction education for children: a study... child-centred, decision making, education PDF icon rashid_m._2020._disaster_risk_reduction_education_for_children_a_study_in_bangladesh_engaging_children_as_co-researchers._cquniversity.pdf
10/2020 Journal Article Climatology of wind changes and elevated fire danger ove... fire severity, fire weather, severe weather PDF icon climatology_of_wind.pdf
10/2020 Journal Article Driving into floodwater: using data from emergency respo... communication, flood, warnings PDF icon ajem_13_2020-10.pdf
10/2020 Report Using pre- and post-fire LiDAR to assess the severity of... fire impacts, fire severity, fuel reduction PDF icon bnhcrc_research-report_utas_methodology_2020.pdf
10/2020 Journal Article Stretch‐Thinking Loops: A New Technique for Scenario Pla... emergency management, organisational, scenario analysis
10/2020 Report Diversity and inclusion: building strength and capabilit... capability, communities, diversity and inclusion PDF icon rb23-_young-ar.pdf
10/2020 Thesis Investigating the psychological factors that influence c... cyclone, decision making, mitigation PDF icon jcu_68936_scovell_2020_thesis.pdf
10/2020 Journal Article Visual Mis/disinformation in Journalism and Public Commu... communication, resilience, warnings
10/2020 Report Quantifying fuel hazard assessments - Fuels3D annual rep... fire, fire impacts, remote sensing PDF icon nb03-jones-ar-2019.pdf
09/2020 Report Follow up of study participants: brain plasticity and di... decision making, emergency management, scenario analysis PDF icon utas-brooks-bearman.pdf
09/2020 Report Compound natural disasters in Australia: a historical an... multi-hazard, risk analysis PDF icon bnhcrc_compound_disaasters_report_final.pdf
09/2020 Journal Article An early exploration of the use of the Microsoft Azure K... modelling, remote sensing, resilience
09/2020 Report Improving the resilience of existing housing to severe w... cyclone, engineering, mitigation PDF icon rb08_ginger_2019-2020_ar.pdf
09/2020 Report Impact-based forecasting for the coastal zone – East Coa... coastal, forecasting, vulnerability PDF icon rb25-richter-ar.pdf
09/2020 Journal Article A Culture of Burning: Social-Ecological Memory, Social L... communities, prescribed burning, resilience
09/2020 Report Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for build... earthquake, engineering, mitigation PDF icon annual_report_2019-20_final.pdf
09/2020 Report Optimisation of fuel reduction burning regimes for fuel... fuel reduction, planning, prescribed burning PDF icon nb10_bell_2019-2020_ar.pdf
09/2020 Report From hectares to tailor-made solutions for risk mitigati... mitigation, prescribed burning, risk management PDF icon hectares_to_tailor-made_solutions_-_final_report.pdf
09/2020 Journal Article Seasonal fine fuel and coarse woody debris dynamics in n... fuel reduction, land management, savanna grasslands
09/2020 Journal Article Legal Complexities of Entry, Rescue, Seizure and Disposa... animals, communities, resilience PDF icon Legal Complexities
08/2020 Report Earthquake mitigation of WA regional towns: York case st... communities, earthquake, mitigation PDF icon york_project_report_final.pdf
08/2020 Report Benefit versus cost analysis and optimal cost effective... engineering, flood, mitigation PDF icon 3.4.2_report_on_benefit_versus_cost_analysis_and_optimal_cost_effective_mitigation_strategies_1.pdf
08/2020 Journal Article Emergency powers: Civil liberties in the face of disaste... emergency management, governance, policy
08/2020 Report Guidelines on the optimal use of remote sensing data to... flood, forecasting, remote sensing PDF icon guidelines.pdf
08/2020 Report Diversity and inclusion framework for emergency manageme... diversity and inclusion, emergency management, policy PDF icon diversity_and_inclusion_framework_for_policy_and_practice_final.pdf
08/2020 Report Hazards, culture and indigenous communities: socio-insti... fire, indigenous communities, modelling PDF icon weir-sim_modules_report_format_0_0.pdf
08/2020 Journal Article Effect of weather forecast errors on fire growth model p... fire, fire severity, modelling
08/2020 Report Utilisation funding: South Australia stretch thinking pr... decision making, emergency management, scenario analysis PDF icon utas_bnhcrc_sa_dpc_report.pdf
08/2020 Journal Article Wellington’s Earthquake Resilience: Lessons from the 201... earthquake, emergency management, resilience
08/2020 Report Effects of the January 2020 bushfires on estuarine syste... environments, fire impacts, response PDF icon report_quick_fire_response_ki_bnhcrc_final.pdf
08/2020 Report Recovery Capitals (ReCap): applying a community capitals... communities, recovery, resilience PDF icon rb26-_gibbs-ar-2020_dbeek_reviewed.pdf
08/2020 Report The value of research from the Bushfire and Natural Haza... economics, emergency management PDF icon value_of_research_-_final_report.pdf
07/2020 Report The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: Volume... multi-hazard, resilience, vulnerability PDF icon chapter_3_publication_ready_30082019l.pdf
07/2020 Journal Article Climate Change Significantly Alters Future Wildfire Miti... climate change, fire, prescribed burning
07/2020 Journal Article Experiences of Police and Emergency Services Employees w... emergency management, mental health, organisational
07/2020 Report The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: Volume... multi-hazard, resilience, vulnerability PDF icon chapter_5_publication_ready_30082019l.pdf
07/2020 Report Disasters and economic resilience in small regional comm... communities, economics, fire impacts PDF icon toodyay_v0.5.pdf
07/2020 Journal Article An Adaptive Ground Motion Prediction Equation for Use in... earthquake, modelling, physics
07/2020 Report The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: Volume... multi-hazard, resilience, vulnerability PDF icon 00_front_matter_publication_ready_30082019l.pdf
07/2020 Journal Article Urban planning capabilities for bushfire: treatment cate... fire, planning, scenario analysis PDF icon ajem_12_2020-07.pdf
07/2020 Report Estimating carbon stocks and biomass in surface fuel lay... fuel reduction, planning, prescribed burning PDF icon milestone_3.1.3_carbon_stocks_in_surface_fuel_final_rt.pdf
07/2020 Report The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: Volume... multi-hazard, resilience, vulnerability PDF icon chapter_2_publication_ready_30082019l.pdf
07/2020 Journal Article Impact of Australia's catastrophic 2019/20 bushfire... fire, fire impacts, fire weather PDF icon impact_of_australias_catastrophic.pdf
07/2020 Report The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: Volume... multi-hazard, resilience, vulnerability PDF icon chapter_4_publication_ready_30082019l.pdf