Australian Seasonal Bushfire Outlook: March - May 2021
The influence of La Niña on Australia’s climate has had a pronounced effect on fire potential. More rain than usual in many locations over summer has helped to reduce the fire risk. However, autumn will still see hot and windy days that raise the fire risk in some locations.
Hazard Note 89 – How to enhance community recovery after disasters
Hazard Note 89 presents a new multidimensional, inclusive and systemic guide to enhance community recovery after disasters.
A new website called Weather the Storm has been developed to inform builders and homeowners about how to improve an existing home's key structural connections against extreme wind.
Driving Change collects and curates the best and latest research from across the eight years of the
The CRC has created Driving Change – an online resource that collects and curates the best and latest research from across the eight years of the CRC’s research program.
Explore all 4,194 recommendations from the 186 natural hazard inquiries conducted since 2003 in the Inquiries and Reviews Database, including all inquiries conducted in 2020 such as the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements.
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The Australian Disaster Resilience Index is the first national snapshot of disaster resilience to help governments, local organisations and emergency services improve their communities’ resilience to natural hazards.

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Inquiries and Reviews Database

Search through 315 emergency management inquiries and reviews from across Australia between 1886 and 2020. Explore all recommendations since 2003.

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