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25 Jan 2021 New website to keep the roof over your head cyclone, engineering, mitigation The structural response and progressive failure of batten to rafter connections under wind loads , Improving the resilience of existing housing to severe wind events
21 Jan 2021 Research driven by real world needs communication, organisational
21 Dec 2020 Would you drive into floodwater? communication, flood, warnings Flood risk communication
21 Dec 2020 How best to burn the bush land management, planning, prescribed burning From hectares to tailor made solutions for risk mitigation
21 Dec 2020 Uncovering exposure to natural hazards exposure, framework, modelling Natural hazard exposure information modelling framework
16 Dec 2020 Black Summer recommendations add to knowledge emergency management, multi-hazard, policy Major post-event inquiries and reviews: review of recommendations
15 Dec 2020 New online - December 2020 communication, emergency management, multi-hazard Assessment of post-fire recovery of Pencil Pine forest after the 2016 World Heritage Area Fires, The utility of point clouds to estimate fuel hazards, Catastrophic and cascading events: planning and capability, Cost-effective mitigation strategy for building related earthquake risk, Diversity and inclusion: building strength and capability, Improving decision-making in complex multi-team environments, Improving flood forecast skill using remote sensing data, Threshold conditions for extreme fire behaviour
15 Dec 2020 Prestigious engineering award for end-user engineering, modelling, planning Quantifying catastrophic bushfire consequence
09 Dec 2020 International awards for CRC experts fire impacts, fire weather, risk management Mapping bushfire hazard and impacts, Threshold conditions for extreme fire behaviour
08 Dec 2020 A year in review communication, governance, local knowledge
07 Dec 2020 Addressing diversity and inclusion in the emergency management sector communities, diversity and inclusion, vulnerability Diversity and inclusion: building strength and capability
04 Dec 2020 An upcoming Prescribed Burning Atlas webinar fire, prescribed burning, risk management From hectares to tailor made solutions for risk mitigation