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28 May 2020 New prescribed burning book profiles CRC expertise land management, preparedness, prescribed burning
25 May 2020 Researchers needed for new climate change adaption study climate change, emergency management, scenario analysis
25 May 2020 Fire science adds to understanding of 2019/20 summer bushfires fire, fire impacts, prescribed burning
22 May 2020 New book on the prevention of bushfires fire, planning, risk management Urban planning for natural hazard mitigation
22 May 2020 Revamped student site
21 May 2020 New online - May 2020 communication, emergency management, fire The value of disaster research , Effects of Sydney coastal dry sclerophyll forest litter on fuels and fire behaviour in Hornsbury Shire , Empirical analysis of spot fire and ember behaviour during extreme fire weather conditions, The structural response and progressive failure of batten to rafter connections under wind loads , Through the flames - quantitative analysis of strategic and tactical wildfire suppression, Cost-effective mitigation strategy for building related earthquake risk, Diversity and inclusion: building strength and capability, Enhancing resilience of critical road infrastructure, Fire spread prediction across fuel types, From hectares to tailor made solutions for risk mitigation, Mapping bushfire hazard and impacts, Optimisation of fuel reduction burning regimes, Threshold conditions for extreme fire behaviour, Tools supporting fire management in northern Australia, Urban planning for natural hazard mitigation
20 May 2020 New Fellowship for researcher communication, communities, warnings Effective risk and warning communication during natural hazards
20 May 2020 New research will shine a light on young emergency service volunteer mental health mental health, recruitment, volunteering Maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing for young adult emergency service volunteers
15 May 2020 Fire fuels webinar promotes important conversation fire, fire impacts, prescribed burning
15 May 2020 Special AJEM issue features research on children and disaster preparedness child-centred, emergency management, preparedness
12 May 2020 AFAC20 postponed emergency management, land management, multi-hazard
11 May 2020 Economic paper making immediate impact economics, flood, modelling Optimising post-disaster recovery interventions in Australia