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20 Feb 2020 National science forum on fire and fuels fire, fuel reduction, prescribed burning
19 Feb 2020 New online - February 2020 communication, emergency management, fire 2017 NSW post-incident task force, We have not lived long enough: sensemaking and learning from bushfire in Australia, Cost-effective mitigation strategy for building related earthquake risk, Fire spread prediction across fuel types, Flood risk communication, Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities, Policies, institutions and governance, Scientific diversity and uncertainty in risk mitigation policy and planning, Urban planning for natural hazard mitigation
17 Feb 2020 Disaster inquiries and assessing flammability popular online fire impacts, remote sensing Mapping bushfire hazard and impacts
13 Feb 2020 Science Roundtable meets on bushfires fire, fire impacts, fire weather
11 Feb 2020 AFAC20 abstract submissions extended emergency management, land management, multi-hazard
10 Feb 2020 Breaking down Australia’s bushfires communities, emergency management, local knowledge Effective risk and warning communication during natural hazards
07 Feb 2020 PM acknowledges CRC role in bushfire response decision making, fire, recovery
05 Feb 2020 Student research supporting EM sector emergency management, modelling, risk management An investigation of the dynamics of fire-fire interactions using a coupled fire-atmosphere model, Analysis and simulation of surface wind fields during landfalling tropical cyclones, Methods to develop long term, efficacious risk mitigation policies, Refinement and validation of the pyrolysis and firebrand transport sub-models for a physics based bushfire prediction model, Understanding the nature of abrupt regional shifts in a changing climate
23 Jan 2020 Media seek research insights communication, fire Catastrophic and cascading events: planning and capability, Fire coalescence and mass spotfire dynamics, From hectares to tailor made solutions for risk mitigation, Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities, Improved predictions of severe weather to reduce community impact, Policies, institutions and governance, Urban planning for natural hazard mitigation
23 Jan 2020 New online - January 2020 communication, emergency management, fire
20 Jan 2020 Get your research in for disasters conference communication, decision making, emergency management
17 Jan 2020 We are hiring - opportunity for a Communications Officer communication