Student researcher

Dr Mayeda Rashid Research Leader

Linked to a Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC Project led by Prof K Ronan, the proposed PhD will be a centerpiece project. In proposing a shift from children as passive victims to children as agents of change for their own well-being and the development of their communities, Child-centred Disaster Risk Reduction  (CC-DRR)  has emerged as a distinctive rights-based approach to disaster risk reduction (DRR) over the last few years and become increasingly popular amongst development agencies around the world. But rigorous empirical research on the efficacy of the approach is scarce. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness as well as underlying challenges and potential scope of CC-DRR programs with a focus in Australia and Bangladesh using a mixed methods design.

 Mayeda will commence her studies in July 2015

Year Type Citation
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Child-Centred Disaster Risk Reduction: Achievements, Challenges, and Scope
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Teacher-delivered child-centred disaster resilient education program for children
29 Jun 2017
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Teacher facilitated child-centred disaster resilience education program: a participatory action research study in Bangladesh
18 Sep 2018
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27 Aug 2019
This study aims to conduct rigorously designed research on disaster resilience education for children...
31 Aug 2020
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