Student researcher

Dr Mayeda Rashid Research Leader

This study aimed to conduct rigorously designed research on DRR education for children in Bangladesh by involving children’s active input and participation. In so doing, it aimed to identify the specific elements of the DRR education programs for children that produce positive outcomes. Another aim was to examine implementation factors, including those structural and process factors that facilitate rather than impede sustainable implementation and child-participation. 

This study makes a significant contribution to our theoretical understanding of DRR education for children by exploring its related challenges and achievements. It provides evidence for improvements in relevant policy and practice. The recommendations made by the child co-researchers can be used as guiding principles in the design and implementation of child-centred DRR education programs in Bangladesh. Most importantly, by bringing children on board as co-researchers, this study provides a framework for engaging children in research on disasters. It therefore encourages future researchers to empower children as co-researchers and foster their genuine participation in research. 

Year Type Citation
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