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Resilience is the capacity of a community potentially exposed to hazards to adapt to stress and change, by resisting or changing, in order to reach and maintain an acceptable level of functioning and structure.

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23 Jul 2021 Research shines light on heatwaves and building codes News governance, guidelines, resilience
15 Jul 2021 Collaboration based on Indigenous leadership Resource indigenous communities, Northern Australia, resilience
13 Jul 2021 Cultural burning in southern Australia video: collaborations based on Indigenous leadership Resource File save (0 bytes) indigenous communities, resilience, risk management
13 Jul 2021 Cultural burning in southern Australia: collaborations based on Indigenous leadership Resource PDF icon save (340 KB) indigenous communities, resilience, risk management
09 Jul 2021 Calling researchers to assess ecosystem metrics News decision making, land management, resilience
01 Jul 2021 Welcome to Natural Hazards Research Australia Blog capability, multi-hazard, resilience
17 Jun 2021 Collaborating with the energy sector to protect communities News resilience, risk analysis, risk management
16 Jun 2021 How to promote and protect the mental health of young emergency service volunteers  Resource PDF icon save (1.62 MB) mental health, resilience, volunteering
25 May 2021 Researchers needed to address ecosystem resilience News climate change, framework, resilience
24 May 2021 Central Queensland science forum promotes knowledge sharing News communities, local knowledge, resilience
29 Apr 2021 ‘We know our community better than they do’: why local knowledge is key to disaster recovery in Gippsland Blog communities, recovery, resilience
22 Apr 2021 A new national natural hazard research centre: now seeking contributing partners News governance, multi-hazard, resilience
22 Apr 2021 New online – April 2021 News multi-hazard, resilience, response
21 Apr 2021 Building collaborative emergency management capacity in northern Australia Resource PDF icon save (1.54 MB) indigenous communities, Northern Australia, resilience
08 Apr 2021 Calling researchers to inform long-term fire ecology strategy News fire, governance, resilience
05 Apr 2021 Floodplains aren’t separate to a river — they’re an extension of it. It’s time to change how we connect with them Blog communities, flood, resilience
26 Mar 2021 Mental health research extended News mental health, resilience, volunteering
18 Mar 2021 Practising diversity and inclusion in emergency management News capability, diversity and inclusion, resilience
18 Mar 2021 Australian Exposure Information Platform video (Geoscience Australia) Resource File save (0 bytes) exposure, framework, resilience
26 Feb 2021 New research framework needs your input Blog capability, framework, resilience
26 Feb 2021 Australian Seasonal Bushfire Outlook: March - May 2021 Resource framework, local knowledge, resilience
24 Feb 2021 New AJEM issue profiles warnings News communication, resilience, warnings
02 Feb 2021 How to enhance community recovery after disasters Resource PDF icon save (1.61 MB) communities, recovery, resilience
01 Dec 2020 Answering the call Resource mental health, resilience, risk management
01 Dec 2020 Recovery Capitals Resource communities, recovery, resilience
25 Nov 2020 School-based education for disaster risk reduction Resource child-centred, education, resilience
25 Nov 2020 A model for relief and recovery Resource multi-hazard, resilience, vulnerability
06 Nov 2020 Latest AJEM edition features CRC research on post-disaster management News emergency management, multi-hazard, resilience
22 Oct 2020 Building better plans to survive future disasters Resource communication, flood, resilience
14 Oct 2020 International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2020 Resource File save (0 bytes) governance, resilience, risk management
07 Oct 2020 Wildfire engineering – a new perspective for fire service operations and rural urban interface design Blog engineering, fire, resilience
02 Oct 2020 The new Australian Disaster Resilience Index: a tool for building safer, adaptable communities News multi-hazard, resilience, vulnerability
30 Sep 2020 Promoting fire-fitness: a proactive approach to enhancing preparedness Resource PDF icon save (108.05 KB) communities, emergency management, resilience
23 Sep 2020 Ideas shared on France–Australia bushfire science News climate change, fire, resilience
17 Sep 2020 Resilience research central to blueprint News fire, flood, resilience
15 Sep 2020 PhD chance to assess temperate rainforest community resilience News communities, fire impacts, resilience
15 Sep 2020 Book Review: Animal Management and Welfare in Natural Disasters Resource animals, communities, resilience
31 Aug 2020 Through Children’s Eyes: Disaster Risk Reduction Education for Children, with Children and by Children Resource PDF icon save (504.1 KB) education, resilience
31 Aug 2020 Benefit-Cost Analysis of Retrofitting Older Australian Houses for Windstorms Resource PDF icon save (446.03 KB) resilience, severe weather
31 Aug 2020 Fragility analysis of bridges subjected to extreme waves Resource PDF icon save (382.02 KB) infrastructure, resilience

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