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Fire is the product of a chemical reaction between fuel, oxygen and heat. Heat is necessary to start the reaction and once ignited, fire produces its own heat and becomes self-supporting.

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18 Feb 2022 Understanding what happens when bushfires merge Resource PDF icon save (1.28 MB) fire, fire impacts, fire severity
14 Oct 2021 CRC science in danger series News fire, fire weather, infrastructure
29 Sep 2021 Best PhD Thesis awarded to CRC student News fire, indigenous communities
08 Sep 2021 Bouncing back: how community strengths can lead recovery News communities, fire, recovery
08 Sep 2021 Lessons from Black Summer: how people experienced the 2019/20 NSW fire season News communication, communities, fire
19 Aug 2021 Dr Greg Penney’s research recognised with national awards News engineering, fire, firefighter
18 Aug 2021 Building on 16 years of Seasonal Bushfire Outlooks News fire, fire impacts, preparedness
05 Aug 2021 Bound to predict Blog climate change, fire, fire impacts
21 Jun 2021 Bushfire archetypes recognised with research award News communication, communities, fire
18 Jun 2021 Young Tall Poppy Award for researcher News fire, land management, prescribed burning
18 Jun 2021 Queen’s Birthday Honours for CRC end-users News capability, emergency management, fire
25 May 2021 Fire safety summit and conference starting today News communities, fire, fire impacts
24 May 2021 PhD wins national medal News fire, fire impacts, response
18 May 2021 It can’t all be insured: counting the hidden economic impact of floods and bushfires Blog economics, fire, flood
08 Apr 2021 Calling researchers to inform long-term fire ecology strategy News fire, governance, resilience
01 Apr 2021 Space exhibitions feature CRC research News fire, fire impacts, remote sensing
22 Feb 2021 IAWF student scholarships now open News capability, education, fire
29 Jan 2021 How heatwaves and drought combine to produce the perfect firestorm Blog fire, fire severity, fire weather
28 Jan 2021 Australia Day Honours for CRC experts News fire, fire impacts, risk management
22 Jan 2021 The Australian Flammability Monitoring System: providing a clear picture of landscape dryness Resource PDF icon save (768.18 KB) fire, fire impacts, remote sensing
21 Dec 2020 Fire Australia Issue Four 2020 Resource PDF icon save (4.58 MB) communication, fire, flood
16 Dec 2020 Recovery strategies of Eucalyptus delegatensis subsp. tasmaniensisafter the 2016 fires in Central Tasmania Resource PDF icon save (1.1 MB) fire
16 Dec 2020 AFAC Webinar 'Where are we going with soil moisture' 2020 Resource File save (0 bytes) fire, fire severity, land management
09 Dec 2020 The Prescribed Burning Atlas: a new system to plan effective prescribed burns Resource PDF icon save (872.25 KB) fire, prescribed burning, risk management
04 Dec 2020 An upcoming Prescribed Burning Atlas webinar News fire, prescribed burning, risk management
01 Dec 2020 PHOENIX RapidFire Resource fire, fire impacts, fire severity
26 Nov 2020 AFAC Webinar: Future of the Australian Flammability Monitoring System Resource File save (0 bytes) fire, fire impacts, remote sensing
25 Nov 2020 A seasonal view of bushfire Resource fire, fire weather
25 Nov 2020 Satellites to help show when the bush is ready to burn Resource fire, remote sensing, vulnerability
25 Nov 2020 Finding fires faster Resource fire, fire impacts, remote sensing
25 Nov 2020 Better fire danger ratings Resource fire, fire severity, warnings
25 Nov 2020 Carbon abatement through better fire mapping Resource fire, Northern Australia, prescribed burning
12 Oct 2020 Your voice needed for NSW bushfires research survey News communication, communities, fire
07 Oct 2020 Wildfire engineering – a new perspective for fire service operations and rural urban interface design Blog engineering, fire, resilience
02 Oct 2020 Fighting fire with fire News fire, fire impacts, prescribed burning
28 Sep 2020 Donated funds contribute to post-fire research News communities, fire, recovery
25 Sep 2020 New online - September 2020 News emergency management, fire, multi-hazard
25 Sep 2020 International engagement – why does it matter? Blog capability, communication, fire
23 Sep 2020 Ideas shared on France–Australia bushfire science News climate change, fire, resilience
17 Sep 2020 Resilience research central to blueprint News fire, flood, resilience

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