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27 Mar 2020 I’ve spent 14 years on bushfire front lines and seen courage in the face of death Blog fire, firefighter, volunteering
12 Dec 2019 Talking inclusion with the first UK female firefighter News diversity and inclusion, firefighter, recruitment
29 Oct 2018 Urban firefighters get fitness ‘tools of trade’ to stay safe on the job News capability, firefighter, risk management
11 Oct 2018 Research impacts on mental health week News firefighter, mental health
Safety awareness of firefighters and their perception of fire risks in cladding fires Biblio PDF icon save (2.08 MB) emergency management, fire impacts, firefighter
Exploring ISO31000 Risk Management during Dynamic Fire and Emergency Operations in Western Australia Biblio PDF icon save (553.18 KB) fire, firefighter, risk management
A Temporal Framework of Large Wildfire Suppression in Practice, a Qualitative Descriptive Study Biblio PDF icon save (7.69 MB) fire, firefighter, response
How do weather and terrain contribute to firefighter entrapments in Australia? Biblio fire, firefighter, modelling
RUIM – A fire safety engineering model for rural urban interface firefighter taskforce deployment Biblio fire, firefighter, organisational
Fit for Duty pilot: ensuring the safety of CFA members and increasing access to health services Biblio PDF icon save (747.05 KB) firefighter, mental health, organisational
Firefighter tenability and its influence on wildfire suppression Biblio capability, fire, firefighter
Wellbeing of firefighters: the impact of individual factors, potentially traumatic event exposure, and operational and organisational factors on mental health outcomes Biblio fire impacts, firefighter, mental health
Calculation of critical water flow rates for wildfire suppression Biblio PDF icon save (1.69 MB) fire, firefighter, response

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