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07/2020 Report Model predictions for fuel reduction burning of eucalypt... fuel reduction, planning, prescribed burning PDF icon milestone_3.3.1_v3_combined_1_rt.pdf
07/2020 Journal Article Experiences of Police and Emergency Services Employees w... emergency management, mental health, organisational
07/2020 Report Estimating carbon stocks and biomass in surface fuel lay... fuel reduction, planning, prescribed burning PDF icon milestone_3.1.3_carbon_stocks_in_surface_fuel_final_rt.pdf
07/2020 Journal Article Impact of Australia's catastrophic 2019/20 bushfire... fire, fire impacts, fire weather PDF icon impact_of_australias_catastrophic.pdf
07/2020 Journal Article Prevalence and predictors of suicidal thoughts and behav... emergency management, mental health, organisational
07/2020 Report Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities – annual rep... indigenous communities, resilience, risk management PDF icon pb06-weir-hcic_annualreport_2018-2019.pdf
06/2020 Report Case study: use of remote sensing data to derive spatial... fire, land management, remote sensing PDF icon massetti_yebra_2020_bnhcrc_report_20052020.pdf
06/2020 Report Quantifying the conversion of vegetation to ash for soil... fuel reduction, planning, prescribed burning PDF icon bell-quatifying_conversion_vegetation_ash_carbon_finger_printing.pdf
06/2020 Report Disasters and economic resilience: the income effects of... communities, cyclone, economics PDF icon cyclone_oswald_v0.4.pdf
06/2020 Report A systematic literature review of effectiveness of commu... communities, preparedness, resilience PDF icon br_edits_literature_review_final.pdf
06/2020 Report Enabling sustainable emergency volunteering: annual repo... emergency management, volunteering PDF icon rb14-mclennan-ar-2019.pdf
06/2020 Report Integrating bushfire risk reduction and statutory mechan... fire impacts, infrastructure, risk management PDF icon d9_integrating_bushfire_risk_reduction.pdf
06/2020 Journal Article The effect of firefighter-delivered fire safety educatio... communities, education, fire
06/2020 Report A typology of disaster resilience in Australia - annual... multi-hazard, resilience, vulnerability PDF icon rb06-parsons-ar-2019.pdf
06/2020 Report Improved decision support for natural hazard risk reduct... decision making, multi-hazard, optimisation PDF icon pb03_maier_dss_ar_2019.pdf
06/2020 Report Building resilience: understanding the capabilities of d... communities, diversity and inclusion, resilience PDF icon diversity_and_inclusion_building_resilience_community_report_002.pdf
06/2020 Report Australian inquiries into natural hazard events: Recomme... mitigation, planning, risk management PDF icon 2.1.1-urban_planning-australian_inquiries_into_natural_hazard_events.pdf
06/2020 Journal Article Emergency management communication: The paradox of the p... communities, preparedness, resilience PDF icon emergency_management_communications_uncorrected proof.pdf
06/2020 Report Disasters and economic resilience: the effects of the Bl... economics, fire impacts, resilience PDF icon bsb_final-report_0.8v2_1.pdf
06/2020 Report Sampling and data analysis of field sites of 40 prescrib... land management, prescribed burning, scenario analysis PDF icon bell-sampling_data_analysis_field_sites_40_burns.pdf
06/2020 Report January 2020 NSW bushfires study fire, fire impacts, response PDF icon qrf21_jan_2020_nsw_final_report.pdf
06/2020 Report Building best practice in child-centred disaster risk re... child-centred, communication, education PDF icon rb07-towers-ar-2019.pdf
06/2020 Journal Article Axial Load Variation of Columns in Symmetrical RC Buildi... earthquake, engineering, physics
06/2020 Report Disasters and economic resilience: the effects of the Qu... economics, flood, scenario analysis PDF icon qld_floods_final_report_0.14_1.pdf
05/2020 Report Fire spread prediction across fuel types: annual report... fire, fire severity, fuel reduction PDF icon nb08-moinuddin_ar_2019.pdf
05/2020 Journal Article Non-Additive Effects of Forest Litter on Flammability fire, land management, modelling PDF icon non-additive_effects_of_forest_litter_on_flammability.pdf
05/2020 Journal Article Community engagement for disaster preparedness: A system... communication, communities, resilience
05/2020 Report The economic benefits of the Indigenous Fire and Rescue... economics, indigenous communities, optimisation PDF icon vises_bnhcrc_economic_benefits_of_ifares_16_oct_1.pdf
05/2020 Journal Article Seismic Fragility Assessment of Non-ductile Reinforced C... earthquake, engineering, physics
05/2020 Journal Article Progressive failures of batten to rafter connections und... cyclone, engineering, modelling
05/2020 Journal Article RUIM – A fire safety engineering model for rural urban i... fire, firefighter, organisational
05/2020 Report Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for build... earthquake, engineering, framework PDF icon rb02-2.4.2_-_economic_modelling_final_report.pdf
05/2020 Report Understanding post-fire fuel dynamics using burnt perman... environments, fire impacts, fire severity PDF icon bnhcrc_qfrb16_report_furlaud.pdf
05/2020 Report Detecting the effects of prescribed burning using genera... fire impacts, modelling, prescribed burning PDF icon bell-detecting-effects_-prescribed-burning.pdf
05/2020 Journal Article A Live Fuel Moisture Content Product from Landsat TM Sat... fire, fuel reduction, remote sensing PDF icon remotesensing-12-01714.pdf
05/2020 Report Near infrared spectroscopy as a new fire severity metric fire severity, fuel reduction, prescribed burning PDF icon ms_3.3.2_nir_scanning_final_1.pdf
04/2020 Journal Article Child-centred risk reduction and school safety: An evide... child-centred, communities, resilience
04/2020 Journal Article Adaptive prescribed burning in Australia for the early 2... fire, prescribed burning, risk management PDF icon adaptive_prescribed_burning_in_australia.pdf
04/2020 Journal Article Vulnerability assessment of bridges subjected to extreme... cyclone, engineering, risk analysis
04/2020 Journal Article A case study of disaster decision‐making in the presence... decision making, organisational, response
04/2020 Journal Article Satellite Remote Sensing Contributions to Wildland Fire... fire, remote sensing, risk management
04/2020 Journal Article Working outside ‘the rules’: Opportunities and challenge... communities, fire, resilience
04/2020 Report Effect of relative humidity on grassfire propagation fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon 3.2.2-effect-of-humidity-grassfire-propagation.pdf
04/2020 Report Active fire detection using the Himawari-8 satellite - a... fire weather, forecasting, scenario analysis PDF icon nb02-jones-ar-2019.pdf
04/2020 Thesis Seismic Retrofitting of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column... earthquake, engineering, resilience
04/2020 Report Simulation of flows through canopies with varying atmosp... fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon 3.2.3.pdf
04/2020 Journal Article Analysis of Variation in Distance, Number, and Distribut... fire, fire weather, modelling PDF icon analysis_of_variation_in_distance_number.pdf
04/2020 Report Physics-based simulation of firebrand and heat flux on s... fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon simulation_of_firebrand.pdf
04/2020 Journal Article Models and frameworks for assessing the value of disaste... economics, emergency management, resilience PDF icon Models and frameworks for assessing the value of disaster research
03/2020 Report Improved predictions of severe weather to reduce communi... communication, fire weather, severe weather PDF icon nb06-kepert-ar-2019.pdf