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08/2019 Thesis The sensitivity of the empirical mode decomposition and... decision making, emergency management PDF icon mona_bahri_thesis.pdf
08/2019 Journal Article Globe-LFMC, a global plant water status database for veg... emergency management, fire, fire impacts
08/2019 Journal Article A Statistical Approach to Understanding Canopy Winds ove... fire, fire weather, modelling
08/2019 Report Preventable residential fire fatalities in Australia Jul... fire, risk analysis, vulnerability PDF icon preventable_residential_fire_fatalities_july_2003_to_june_2017_bushfire_and_natural_hazards_crc.pdf
08/2017 Thesis The post disaster city: crisis politics and social chang... capability, communities, emergency management PDF icon raven_cretney_thesis.pdf
07/2019 Report Cost-effective mitigation strategy for building related... earthquake, risk analysis, warnings PDF icon cost-effective_mitigation_strategy_development_for_building_related_earthquake_risk_-_annual_report_2018-2019.pdf
07/2019 Journal Article Exploratory scenario analysis for disaster risk reductio... risk management, scenario analysis, vulnerability
07/2019 Report Improving flood forecast using remote sensing data - ann... flood, remote sensing, warnings PDF icon improving_flood_forecast_skill_using_remote_sensing_data_annual_report_2018-2019_final.pdf
07/2019 Report Use of remote sensing measurements and data assimilation... fire, land management, soil moisture PDF icon use_of_remote_sensing_measurements_and_data_assimilation.pdf
07/2019 Journal Article Climate Change Increases the Potential for Extreme Wildf... fire, fire weather, modelling
07/2019 Journal Article Older adults in disaster and emergency management: What... diversity and inclusion, emergency management, vulnerability
07/2019 Report UNHaRMED framework report: a co-creation approach for th... decision making, multi-hazard, organisational PDF icon unharmed_framework_report.pdf
07/2019 Report Optimising post-disaster recovery interventions in Austr... emergency management, optimisation, risk management PDF icon optimising_post-disaster_recovery_interventions_annual_report_final.pdf
07/2019 Journal Article Assessment of the Dual Polarimetric Sentinel-1A Data for... modelling, remote sensing, soil moisture PDF icon assessment_of_the_dual_polarimetric_sentinel-1a_data_for_forest_fuel_moisture.pdf
07/2019 Report Scientific diversity, scientific uncertainty and risk mi... diversity and inclusion, planning, policy PDF icon scientific_diversity_scientific_uncertainty_and_risk_mitigation_policy_1.pdf
07/2019 Report Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for flood... emergency management, engineering, flood PDF icon cost-effective_mitigation_strategy_development_for_flood_proof_buildings_-_annual_report.pdf
07/2019 Report Restorative inquiries and natural disasters - symposium... framework, governance, policy PDF icon restorative_inquiries_and_natural_disasters_-_symposium_report_meburn_final.pdf
07/2019 Journal Article Urban planning: historical changes integrating bushfire... fire, planning, risk management
07/2019 Report Multi-scaled calibration of high-resolution burnt area a... fire, fire impacts, land management PDF icon multi-scaled_calibration_of_high-resolution_burnt_area_and_fire_severity_mapping_-_workshop_report.pdf
07/2019 Report From hectares to tailor-made solutions for risk mitigati... fire, fire impacts, prescribed burning PDF icon hectares_to_tailor-made_solutions_2018-19_annual_report.pdf
07/2019 Report Building best practice in child-centred disaster risk re... child-centred, climate change, emergency management PDF icon child_centred_disaster_risk_reduction_report_2014-2016.pdf
06/2019 Journal Article Where to prescribe burn: the costs and benefits of presc... economics, prescribed burning, risk management
06/2019 Journal Article Modelling of tree fires and fires transitioning from the... fire, modelling, physics
06/2019 Report Modelling emissions from prescribed burning using FULLCA... fire, fuel reduction, prescribed burning PDF icon modelling_emmissions_from_prescribed_burning_using_fullcam.pdf
06/2019 Report Rainwater ingress through residential sliding doors cyclone, engineering, mitigation PDF icon 2019_06_25_rainwater_ingress_through_residential_sliding_windows.pdf
06/2019 Journal Article Physics-Based Simulation of Heat Load on Structures for... engineering, fire, physics PDF icon physics-based_simulation_of_heat_load_on_structures_for_improving.pdf
06/2019 Journal Article Volunteering research in Australia: A narrative review diversity and inclusion, emergency management, volunteering
06/2019 Journal Article Strengthening and repair of reinforced concrete columns... engineering, infrastructure, multi-hazard PDF icon strengthening_and_repair_of_reinforced_concrete_columns_by_jacketing_state.pdf
06/2019 Thesis The roles of pharmacists in disaster health management i... communication, emergency management PDF icon kaitlyn_watson_thesis.pdf
06/2019 Thesis Simulation and analysis of surface wind fields during la... cyclone, emergency management, engineering PDF icon thomas_kloetzke_thesis.pdf
06/2019 Report Emergency volunteering shared learning network emergency management, volunteering PDF icon 20190410-evn_lessons_learned_final_2019_v1.pdf
06/2019 Journal Article Australian householders’ psychological preparedness for... communities, emergency management, fire
06/2019 Journal Article Climate change effects on the frequency, seasonality and... climate change, fire, prescribed burning
06/2019 Report Analysis of design standards and applied loads on road s... emergency management, engineering PDF icon analysis_of_design_standards_and_applied_loads.pdf
06/2019 Thesis Valuing volunteers: better understanding the primary mot... communities, emergency management, volunteering PDF icon valuing_volunteer-better_understanding_the_primary_motives_for_volunteering_in_australian_emergency_services-jun19.pdf
06/2019 Journal Article Cost effectiveness of fire management strategies in sout... fire, modelling, organisational
06/2019 Conference Paper Post-Disaster Decision Making in Road Infrastructure Rec... decision making, infrastructure, scenario analysis PDF icon Post-Disaster Decision Making in Road Infrastructure Recovery Projects - An Interview Study with Practitioners in Queensland
06/2019 Journal Article River reconstruction using a conformal mapping method flood, modelling, remote sensing
06/2019 Report Retrofitting of a high-set Queensland house for wind loa... cyclone, emergency management, vulnerability PDF icon 2.4.2_vaws_retrofitting_study.pdf
06/2019 Journal Article Quantification of inter-regional differences in risk mit... emergency management, fire impacts, fire severity
06/2019 Journal Article Firefighter tenability and its influence on wildfire sup... capability, fire, firefighter
06/2019 Journal Article Challenges, Opportunities, and Pitfalls for Global Coupl...
05/2019 Report The potential role of the commonwealth in responding to... emergency management, risk analysis PDF icon the_potential_role_of_the_commonwealth_in_responding_to_catastrophic_disasters.pdf
05/2019 Journal Article Long-term solutions to improve emergency management serv... communities, emergency management, Northern Australia
05/2019 Magazine Article What do we really mean by ‘floodwater’ and is it ever ok... communication, decision making, flood
05/2019 Thesis Development of an interface using penalisation method fo... fire, modelling, physics PDF icon sesa_singha_roy_thesis
05/2019 Journal Article Ten years after the Black Saturday fires, what have we l... resilience, warnings
05/2019 Journal Article Overcoming Ambiguity: Conflict Between Emergency Warning... communication, emergency management, warnings
05/2019 Thesis Remote sensing of tree structure and biomass in north Au... fire, greenhouse gases, savanna grasslands PDF icon grigorijs_goldberg_thesis.pdf
05/2019 Journal Article Effective diversity in emergency management organisation... diversity and inclusion, emergency management, mental health