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04/2020 Journal Article Numerical analysis and parametric study of unreinforced... earthquake, infrastructure, physics PDF icon Numerical analysis and
04/2020 Thesis Seismic Retrofitting of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column... earthquake, engineering, resilience
04/2020 Report Simulation of flows through canopies with varying atmosp... fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon 3.2.3.pdf
04/2020 Journal Article Working outside ‘the rules’: Opportunities and challenge... communities, fire, resilience
04/2020 Journal Article Analysis of Variation in Distance, Number, and Distribut... fire, fire weather, modelling PDF icon analysis_of_variation_in_distance_number.pdf
04/2020 Journal Article Diminishing CO2-driven gains in water-use efficiency of... climate change, land management, resilience
04/2020 Report Physics-based simulation of firebrand and heat flux on s... fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon simulation_of_firebrand.pdf
04/2020 Journal Article Models and frameworks for assessing the value of disaste... economics, emergency management, resilience PDF icon Models and frameworks for assessing the value of disaster research
04/2020 Journal Article Adaptive prescribed burning in Australia for the early 2... fire, prescribed burning, risk management PDF icon adaptive_prescribed_burning_in_australia.pdf
04/2020 Journal Article Vehicle‐related flood fatalities in Australia, 2001–2017 emergency management, flood, warnings PDF icon Vehicle‐related flood fatalities
04/2020 Journal Article Child-centred risk reduction and school safety: An evide... child-centred, communities, resilience
04/2020 Journal Article Vulnerability assessment of bridges subjected to extreme... cyclone, engineering, risk analysis
03/2020 Report Progress report on case study CBD precinct earthquake, engineering, mitigation PDF icon 3.1.2_bnhcrc_melbourne_c.pdf
03/2020 Report Aboriginal Peoples and the response to the 2019-2020 bus... fire, indigenous communities, resilience PDF icon caepr_wp_no_134_2020_williamson_markham_weir.pdf
03/2020 Report Reimagining program monitoring and evaluation for disast... communities, resilience, risk management PDF icon monitoring_and_evaluation_final_report_032020.pdf
03/2020 Report Understanding bushfire risk, warnings and responses: les... communication, communities, warnings PDF icon study_of_the_2018_reedy_swamp_fire_final_report_bushfire_and_natural_hazards_crc.pdf
03/2020 Report Improved predictions of severe weather to reduce communi... communication, fire weather, severe weather PDF icon nb06-kepert-ar-2019.pdf
03/2020 Report The real-time trial of the Pyrocumulonimbus Firepower Th... fire weather, severe weather PDF icon the_real-time_trial_of_the_pyrocumulonimbus_firepower_threshold.pdf
03/2020 Report Planning and capability requirements for catastrophic an... capability, emergency management, multi-hazard PDF icon rb21-1.1.1_catastophic_cascading_events_lit_review_12_6_2018.pdf
03/2020 Report Final report on vulnerability of as-built and retrofitte... earthquake, engineering, vulnerability PDF icon 3.1.1_bnhcrc-report-_vulnerability_curves_as_built_retrofitted_ldrc_lumantarna_et_al.pdf
03/2020 Report Fire coalescence and mass spot fire dynamics: experiment... fire impacts, fire severity, fire weather PDF icon sharples_annualreport_jun2019_final.pdf
03/2020 Report Savanna fire management and bushfire and natural hazard... emergency management, planning, savanna grasslands PDF icon nb04-russell-smith-ar-2020.pdf
03/2020 Journal Article Drivers of long-distance spotting during wildfires in so... fire, mitigation, prescribed burning PDF icon drivers_of_long-disatance_spotting_during_wildfires_in_south-eastern_australia.pdf
03/2020 Journal Article Simplified calculation of roof accelerations in existing... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
03/2020 Journal Article Children, bushfire and climate change child-centred, fire, resilience
03/2020 Report Diversity and inclusion: Building strength and capabilit... capability, communities, vulnerability PDF icon rb23-young-ar_2019.pdf
02/2020 Thesis How do wet forests burn? : Fuels and fire danger in the... fire, fire impacts, land management
02/2020 Journal Article Navigating Uncertainty: community experiences of bushfir... communities, decision making, recovery PDF icon fiona_jennings_ajem.pdf
02/2020 Journal Article Flood mapping under vegetation using single SAR acquisit... flood, hydrology, remote sensing
02/2020 Journal Article Navigating authority and legitimacy when ‘outsider’ volu... capability, recruitment, volunteering PDF icon pre-print_mclennan_et_al_navigating_authority_and_legitimacy_ehaz_accepted-manuscript.pdf
02/2020 Report Deconstructing factors contributing to the 2018 fire wea... climate change, fire, fire weather PDF icon deconstructing_factors_contributing_to_the_2018_fire_weather_in_queensland_australia.pdf
02/2020 Report East Coast Low extreme weather scenario climate change, coincident events, mitigation PDF icon bnhcrc_anhmc19-scenario_web_v3_250320.pdf
02/2020 Journal Article Post-disaster Impact Assessment of Road Infrastructure:... economics, infrastructure, recovery
02/2020 Journal Article Plasticity of leaf respiratory and photosynthetic traits... environments, fuel reduction, land management
02/2020 Report Cascading extreme weather beyond our experience: are we... climate change, coincident events, mitigation PDF icon bnhcrc_anhmc19-report_web_v6_260320.pdf
01/2021 Report Improving decision making, teamwork and organisational l... decision making, emergency management, scenario analysis PDF icon decision_making_in_complex_multi-team_environments_final_projec_report_2021.pdf
01/2021 Report Report on the second end-user workshop – Impact-based fo... coastal, forecasting, vulnerability PDF icon bnhcrc_impact-based_forecasting_-_end_user_workshop_report.pdf
01/2020 Report A report on WRF software development (preliminary) fire, land management, modelling PDF icon 3.1.1wrf_software_development-v2.pdf
01/2020 Journal Article Post-inquiry sensemaking: the case of the ‘Black Saturda... fire, organisational, preparedness
01/2020 Report Decision making, team monitoring & organisational le... communities, decision making, emergency management PDF icon decision_making_team_monitoring_organisational_learning_in_emergency_management.pdf
01/2020 Thesis Physics-based simulation of short-range spotting in wild... fire, mitigation, modelling PDF icon wadhwani_rahul-thesis_nosignature.pdf
01/2020 Report Using the human centred design method to develop tools f... communities, decision making, emergency management PDF icon bearman_human_centered_design_final.pdf
01/2020 Journal Article Standardised search markings to include animals animals, communities, resilience PDF icon Standardised search markings
01/2020 Thesis Measuring the social, environmental and economic consequ... infrastructure, multi-hazard, recovery PDF icon akvan_gajanayake_thesis.pdf
01/2020 Journal Article Staying on task: a tool to help state and regional-level... decision making, emergency management, organisational PDF icon Staying on task
01/2020 Report Barriers and enablers in the long term recovery of commu... communities, emergency management, recovery PDF icon recovery_literature_review_final.pdf
01/2020 Report Recirculation regions downstream of a canopy on a hill fire, land management, planning PDF icon
01/2020 Journal Article Suitability of Height Amplification Factors for Seismic... earthquake, engineering, modelling
01/2020 Journal Article The missing link in emergency management: evaluating com... communities, preparedness, resilience PDF icon The missing link
01/2020 Journal Article In-plane shear testing of unreinforced masonry walls and... earthquake, modelling, physics PDF icon In-plane shear testing