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07/2021 Report Economics of natural hazards - final project report economics, mitigation, risk management PDF icon economics_of_natural_hazards_final_project_report.pdf
07/2021 Report The southwest Tasmania fires of summer 2018-2019 - a pos... capability, economics, emergency management PDF icon the-southwest-tasmania-fires-of-summer-2018-2019-a-post-event-review-capability-study.pdf
07/2021 Journal Article Damage integrated performance modelling of steel plate g... infrastructure, modelling, physics
07/2021 Report Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for flood... engineering, flood, mitigation PDF icon cost-effective_flood_mitigation_strategy_final_project_report.pdf
07/2021 Journal Article Derivation of a Bayesian fire spread model using large-s... fire weather, modelling, remote sensing
07/2021 Report Embedding non-technical skills as part of core business... decision making, emergency management, scenario analysis PDF icon embedding_non-technical_skills_as_part_of_core_business_final_project_report.pdf
07/2021 Report Capability Maturity Assessment facilitators guide capability, emergency management, policy PDF icon capability_maturity_assessment_facilitators_guide.pdf
07/2021 Report A characterisation of synoptic weather features often as... emergency management, fire weather, severe weather PDF icon a_characterisation_of_synoptic_weather_features_final_report.pdf
07/2021 Report Kangaroo Island Black Summer fire reconstruction fire impacts, fire weather, remote sensing PDF icon kangaroo_island_reconstructions_black_summer_final_report.pdf
07/2021 Report Towards protective action: effective risk and warning co... communication, communities, resilience PDF icon effective_risk_and_warning_communication_final_project_report.pdf
06/2021 Report Understanding post-fire fuel dynamics using burnt perman... environments, fire impacts, fire severity PDF icon bnhcrc_remeasurement_report_furlaud_final.pdf
06/2021 Journal Article Continental-scale prediction of live fuel moisture conte... fire, fuel reduction, land management
06/2021 Report Community organisation involvement in disaster managemen... communities, emergency management, multi-hazard PDF icon community_organisation_involvement_final_report.pdf
06/2021 Report Positive mental health in young adult emergency service... mental health, recruitment, volunteering PDF icon positive_mental_health_in_young_fire_and_emergency_services_volunteers_-_final_report.pdf
06/2021 Journal Article The recalibration of our relationships with science (and... emergency management, risk management
05/2021 Journal Article Cultural burning and public sector practice in the Austr... fire, indigenous communities, land management
05/2021 Report A method for assessing building codes for natural hazard... governance, guidelines, resilience PDF icon a_method_for_assessing_building_codes_for_natural_hazards_resilience_final_200521.pdf
05/2021 Report Coupled fire-atmosphere simulations of five Black Summer... fire impacts, fire weather, modelling PDF icon coupled_fire-atmosphere_simulations_black_summer_final_report.pdf
05/2021 Report Enhancing resilience of critical road structures: bridge... engineering, mitigation, multi-hazard PDF icon enhancing_resilience_of_critical_road_infrastructure_-_final_project_report_may_2021.pdf
05/2021 Journal Article Local Government Capacity and Land Use Planning for Natu... planning, resilience, risk management PDF icon local_government_capacity_and_land_use_planning_for_natural_hazards_a_comparative_evaluation_of_australian_local_government_areas.pdf
05/2021 Report Economic Analysis Screening Tool: Guidelines economics, multi-hazard, policy PDF icon east_guidelines.pdf
05/2021 Report Heatwave and building codes in New South Wales: issues a... governance, guidelines, resilience PDF icon heatwave_and_building_codes_in_nsw_final_report_200521.pdf
05/2021 Report Developing effective emergency management partnerships i... communities, governance, Northern Australia PDF icon developing_effective_em_partnerships_final_report_may_2021.pdf
05/2021 Report Black Summer - how the NSW community responded to the 20... communication, communities, fire PDF icon blacksummer-nswcommunity2019-20_final_0.pdf
05/2021 Report Fire spread across different fuel types: research and ut... fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon fire_spread_across_different_fuel_types_final_report.pdf
04/2021 Report State Emergency Service (SES): Volunteer views on experi... non-traditional recruitment, recruitment, volunteering PDF icon volunteer_views_on_experiences_wellbeing_and_motivations_survey_report.pdf
04/2021 Journal Article Learning to learn from bushfire: Perspectives from Victo... emergency management, fire, organisational
04/2021 Report Demographic effects of severe fire in montane shrublands... environments, fire impacts, fire severity PDF icon effects_of_fire_in_montane_shrubs_qrf_final_report.pdf
04/2021 Journal Article Bioclimatic drivers of fire severity across the Australi... fire impacts, fire severity, land management PDF icon Bioclimatic drivers of fire
04/2021 Journal Article Managing problematic visual media in natural hazard emer... communication, emergency management, warnings
04/2021 Journal Article The Selection and Scaling of Ground Motion Accelerograms... earthquake, engineering, modelling
04/2021 Report Growing the seeds: recovery, strength and capability in... capability, communities, recovery PDF icon growing_the_seeds.pdf
04/2021 Report Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for build... earthquake, engineering, mitigation PDF icon cost-effective_mitigation_strategy_for_earthquake_risk_final_report_2021.pdf
04/2021 Journal Article Generalized Loading Protocols for Experimentally Simulat... earthquake, engineering, physics
04/2021 Report NSW Mid North Coast flood impact research flood, infrastructure, severe weather PDF icon nsw_flood_impact_research_qrf.pdf
04/2021 Journal Article Assessing the real costs of natural hazard-induced disas... economics, Northern Australia, resilience
03/2021 Journal Article Modulating influence of drought on the synergy between h... climate change, fire impacts, physics PDF icon Modulating influence of drought
03/2021 Report Young people and the emergency services: working towards... communities, diversity and inclusion, resilience PDF icon young_people_and_the_emergency_services_2021.pdf
03/2021 Report Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities – final proj... indigenous communities, resilience, risk management PDF icon hazards_culture_and_indigenous_communities_final_report_2021.pdf
03/2021 Journal Article Mental health and wellbeing of Australian police and eme... firefighter, mental health, organisational
03/2021 Journal Article High-Resolution Estimates of Fire Severity - An Evaluati... fire, fuel reduction, remote sensing
03/2021 Report Optimisation of fuel reduction burning regimes for fuel... fuel reduction, planning, prescribed burning PDF icon optimisation_of_fuel_reduction_burning_regimes_-_final_report.pdf
03/2021 Report Improving the resilience of existing housing to severe w... cyclone, engineering, mitigation PDF icon resilience_of_existing_housing_to_severe_wind_events_final_report.pdf
03/2021 Report Building inclusive partnerships with culturally and ling... communities, diversity and inclusion, resilience PDF icon building_inclusive_partnerships_with_cald_communities_2021.pdf
03/2021 Report Impact-based forecasting for the coastal zone: East Coas... coastal, forecasting, vulnerability PDF icon impact_based_forecasting_for_the_coastal_zone_final_report_march2021.pdf
03/2021 Thesis Spatial planning to promote settlements’ resilience to b... planning, policy, resilience
03/2021 Report Coupled fire-atmosphere modelling – final project report fire impacts, fire severity, fire weather PDF icon coupled_fire-atmosphere_modelling_final_report_march_2021.pdf
03/2021 Report Diversity and inclusion: building strength and capabilit... communities, diversity and inclusion, resilience PDF icon diversity_and_inclusion_final_report_2021.pdf
03/2021 Journal Article Development of fragility functions for rigid-frame bridg... infrastructure, physics, tsunami
03/2021 Journal Article The influence of soil moisture on surface and sub-surfac... fuel reduction, remote sensing, soil moisture