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Book Chapter Reimagining Education in a Pandemic: Children and Young... child-centred, education, policy
Book A guide to non-technical skills in emergency management decision making, emergency management, scenario analysis PDF icon non-technical_skills_guide_final_march_2022.pdf
Book Making Sense of Natural Disasters: The Learning Vacuum o... fire, organisational, preparedness
Book Chapter A community engagement approach to natural hazard commun... communication, communities, resilience
Book Chapter Wildland fire fire, fire impacts, fire severity
12/2021 Journal Article Struggling to make sense of it all: the emotional proces... emergency management, fire, organisational
12/2021 Report Influence of climate change and fuel management on bushf... climate change, fire impacts, land management PDF icon d2_inf1.pdf
12/2021 Conference Paper Improvement of drag model for non-burning firebrand tra... fire, modelling
12/2021 Report Guidance framework for the selection of different fuel m... framework, land management, planning PDF icon guidance_framework_for_the_selection_of_different_fuel_management_strategies_0.pdf
12/2021 Journal Article Initial growth of fires in eucalypt litter, from ignitio... fire, response
12/2021 Report Identification of fuel management locations and risk red... land management, risk management PDF icon identification_of_fuel_management_locations_and_risk_reduction_potential.pdf
12/2021 Report Identifying opportunities for the use of different fuel... fuel reduction, land management, planning PDF icon identifying_opportunities_for_the_use_of_different_fuel_management_strategies_in_wa_0.pdf
11/21 Report Development of a national set of Community Service Annou... communication, flood, warnings PDF icon community_service_announcements_for_flood_risk.pdf
11/2021 Report Studying leaf area density based wind adjustment factor... fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon studying_leaf_area_density_based_wind_adjustment_factor_in_spark.pdf
11/2021 Journal Article Mind the gap: Contrasting operational and behavior-orien... communication, communities, flood
11/2021 Report Elephant Hill: Secwépemc leadership and lessons learned... indigenous communities, land management, recovery PDF icon elephant_hill_-_secwepemc_leadership_and_lessons_learned.pdf
11/2021 Journal Article A comparison between TLS and UAS LiDAR to represent euca... fire, modelling, remote sensing
11/2021 Journal Article Interactive influence of ENSO and IOD on contiguous heat... fire weather, modelling, physics
11/2021 Thesis Precarious places, precarious knowledges: Interrogating... education, resilience, risk management PDF icon de_rivera_lp_thesis.pdf
11/2021 Journal Article Encouraging evacuation: the role of behavioural message... communication, fire, warnings
10/2021 Conference Paper Predicting merging fire behaviour in Planned Burning fire, fire severity, remote sensing
10/2021 Report Assessing community resilience for emergencies in local... communication, emergency management, resilience PDF icon assessing_community_resilience_for_emergencies_in_local_government_policy.pdf
10/2021 Report Transformative scenarios in a climate challenged world -... climate change, emergency management, governance PDF icon emergency_management_sector_case_studies_as_worked_examples.pdf
10/2021 Report Assessing community resilience for emergencies in local... communication, emergency management, resilience PDF icon assessing_community_resilience_for_emergencies_in_local_government_policy_-_summary_0.pdf
10/2021 Report Preparing emergency services for operations in a climate... climate change, emergency management, governance PDF icon prepar1.pdf
10/2021 Report Transformative scenarios in a climate challenged world -... climate change, emergency management, governance PDF icon a_guide_for_using_scenarios_in_the_emergency_management_sector.pdf
10/2021 Conference Paper Long-range fire weather predictions developed and servic... capability, fire, fire weather PDF icon andrew-dowdy-long-range-fire-weather-predictions-developed-and-service-established-as-new-capability-for-australia.pdf
10/2021 Report Transformative scenarios in a climate challenged world -... climate change, emergency management, governance PDF icon research_methodology_for_scenario_development.pdf
10/2021 Report Implications of climate change for emergency services op... climate change, emergency management, governance PDF icon implic1.pdf
09/2021 Report Principles for enhanced collaboration between land and e... emergency management, indigenous communities, land management PDF icon principles_for_enhanced_collaboration_between_em_agencies_and_indigenous_peoples.pdf
09/2021 Report Cultural burning in southern Australia indigenous communities, resilience, risk management PDF icon 0cultu1.pdf
09/2021 Report Cultural land management in southeastern Australia - Bla... indigenous communities, land management, resilience PDF icon cultural_land_management_in_southeast_australia_black_summer_final_report_0.pdf
09/2021 Report Recovery Capitals (ReCap): navigating the complexities o... communities, recovery PDF icon recovery_capitals_-_final_project_report.pdf
09/2021 Journal Article Walking on two legs: a pathway of Indigenous restoration... communities, indigenous communities, resilience
09/2021 Report Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for build... earthquake, infrastructure, mitigation PDF icon cost-effective_mitigation_strategy_development_for_building_related_earthquake_risk_-_melbourne_case_study.pdf
09/2021 Report Community-led recovery - Black Summer final report communication, communities, recovery PDF icon community-led_recovery_black_summer_final_report.pdf
09/2021 Report Multi-hazard review of the comprehensiveness of Victoria... mitigation, planning, risk analysis PDF icon victorian_urban_planning_for_disaster_risk_reduction.pdf
09/2021 Report Australian Exposure Information Platform enhancement pro... exposure, framework, modelling PDF icon aeip_enhancement_project-_final_project_report.pdf
09/2021 Journal Article Shear Wall and Frame Dual Systems Featuring Discontinuou... earthquake, modelling, physics
08/2021 Journal Article Disaster resilience in Australia: A geographic assessmen... communities, preparedness, resilience PDF icon Disaster resilience in Aust
08/2021 Journal Article Numerical study on effect of relative humidity (and fuel... fire, modelling, physics
08/2021 Report Using pre- and post-fire LiDAR to assess the severity of... environments, fire impacts, fire severity PDF icon using_lidar_to_assess_the_severity_of_the_2019_tasmanian_bushfires.pdf
08/2021 Report Soil and fuel moisture precursors of fire activity durin... forecasting, land management, remote sensing PDF icon soil_and_fuel_moisture_precursors_for_fire_activity_black_summer_final_report_0.pdf
08/2021 Journal Article Nandong smong and tsunami lullabies: Song and music as a... communities, local knowledge, resilience
08/2021 Report Enabling sustainable emergency volunteering – final proj... non-traditional recruitment, recruitment, volunteering PDF icon enabling_sustainable_emergency_volunteering_final_project_report.pdf
08/2021 Report Risk mitigation from prescribed burning in Kangaroo Isla... mitigation, prescribed burning, risk management PDF icon risk_mitigation_from_prescribed_burning_black_summer_final_report.pdf
08/2021 Report Established and emerging uses of predictive services in... emergency management, fire, firefighter PDF icon established_and_emerging_uses_of_predictive_services_black_summer_final_report.pdf
08/2021 Report Wind speed Reduction Factors (WRFs): utilities for WRF a... fire, fire impacts, fire severity PDF icon wind_speed_reduction_factors_black_summer_final_report.pdf
07/2021 Report Kangaroo Island Black Summer fire reconstruction fire impacts, fire weather, remote sensing PDF icon kangaroo_island_reconstructions_black_summer_final_report.pdf
07/2021 Report Towards protective action: effective risk and warning co... communication, communities, resilience PDF icon effective_risk_and_warning_communication_final_project_report.pdf