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03/2020 Report Improved predictions of severe weather to reduce communi... communication, fire weather, severe weather PDF icon nb06-kepert-ar-2019.pdf
03/2020 Report Final report on vulnerability of as-built and retrofitte... earthquake, engineering, vulnerability PDF icon 3.1.1_bnhcrc-report-_vulnerability_curves_as_built_retrofitted_ldrc_lumantarna_et_al.pdf
03/2020 Journal Article Simplified calculation of roof accelerations in existing... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
03/2020 Journal Article Children, bushfire and climate change child-centred, fire, resilience
03/2020 Report Savanna fire management and bushfire and natural hazard... emergency management, planning, savanna grasslands PDF icon nb04-russell-smith-ar-2020.pdf
03/2020 Report Diversity and inclusion: Building strength and capabilit... capability, communities, vulnerability PDF icon rb23-young-ar_2019.pdf
03/2020 Journal Article Drivers of long-distance spotting during wildfires in so... fire, mitigation, prescribed burning PDF icon drivers_of_long-disatance_spotting_during_wildfires_in_south-eastern_australia.pdf
03/2020 Report Aboriginal Peoples and the response to the 2019-2020 bus... fire, indigenous communities, resilience PDF icon caepr_wp_no_134_2020_williamson_markham_weir.pdf
02/2020 Report Cascading extreme weather beyond our experience: are we... climate change, coincident events, mitigation PDF icon bnhcrc_anhmc19-report_web_v6_260320.pdf
02/2020 Journal Article Post-disaster Impact Assessment of Road Infrastructure:... economics, infrastructure, recovery
02/2020 Journal Article Navigating Uncertainty: community experiences of bushfir... communities, decision making, recovery PDF icon fiona_jennings_ajem.pdf
02/2020 Journal Article Navigating authority and legitimacy when ‘outsider’ volu... capability, recruitment, volunteering PDF icon pre-print_mclennan_et_al_navigating_authority_and_legitimacy_ehaz_accepted-manuscript.pdf
02/2020 Journal Article Plasticity of leaf respiratory and photosynthetic traits... environments, fuel reduction, land management
02/2020 Report Deconstructing factors contributing to the 2018 fire wea... climate change, fire, fire weather PDF icon deconstructing_factors_contributing_to_the_2018_fire_weather_in_queensland_australia.pdf
02/2020 Thesis How do wet forests burn? : Fuels and fire danger in the... fire, fire impacts, land management
02/2020 Report East Coast Low extreme weather scenario climate change, coincident events, mitigation PDF icon bnhcrc_anhmc19-scenario_web_v3_250320.pdf
02/2020 Journal Article Flood mapping under vegetation using single SAR acquisit... flood, hydrology, remote sensing
01/2021 Report Report on the second end-user workshop – Impact-based fo... coastal, forecasting, vulnerability PDF icon bnhcrc_impact-based_forecasting_-_end_user_workshop_report.pdf
01/2021 Report Improving decision making, teamwork and organisational l... decision making, emergency management, scenario analysis PDF icon decision_making_in_complex_multi-team_environments_final_projec_report_2021.pdf
01/2020 Journal Article Duty or safety? Exploring emergency service personnel... emergency management, flood, organisational PDF icon duty_or_safety.pdf
01/2020 Journal Article Standardised search markings to include animals animals, communities, resilience PDF icon Standardised search markings
01/2020 Journal Article Unpacking the meaning of resilience: the Tarnagulla comm... climate change, communities, resilience
01/2020 Report Integrated urban planning for natural hazard mitigation fire, mitigation, risk analysis PDF icon integrated_urban_planning_january_2020_final.pdf
01/2020 Journal Article Post-inquiry sensemaking: the case of the ‘Black Saturda... fire, organisational, preparedness
01/2020 Report A report on WRF software development (preliminary) fire, land management, modelling PDF icon 3.1.1wrf_software_development-v2.pdf
01/2020 Report Decision making, team monitoring & organisational le... communities, decision making, emergency management PDF icon decision_making_team_monitoring_organisational_learning_in_emergency_management.pdf
01/2020 Report Using the human centred design method to develop tools f... communities, decision making, emergency management PDF icon bearman_human_centered_design_final.pdf
01/2020 Thesis Physics-based simulation of short-range spotting in wild... fire, mitigation, modelling PDF icon wadhwani_rahul-thesis_nosignature.pdf
01/2020 Journal Article In-plane shear testing of unreinforced masonry walls and... earthquake, modelling, physics PDF icon In-plane shear testing
01/2020 Journal Article The missing link in emergency management: evaluating com... communities, preparedness, resilience PDF icon The missing link
01/2020 Journal Article Staying on task: a tool to help state and regional-level... decision making, emergency management, organisational PDF icon Staying on task
01/2020 Report Barriers and enablers in the long term recovery of commu... communities, emergency management, recovery PDF icon recovery_literature_review_final.pdf
01/2020 Journal Article Suitability of Height Amplification Factors for Seismic... earthquake, engineering, modelling
01/2020 Report Recirculation regions downstream of a canopy on a hill fire, land management, planning PDF icon
01/2020 Thesis Measuring the social, environmental and economic consequ... infrastructure, multi-hazard, recovery PDF icon akvan_gajanayake_thesis.pdf
01/2020 Report Simulation optimisation for natural hazard risk manageme... coastal, optimisation, risk management PDF icon adelaide_optimisation_report_june_2018.pdf
01/2020 Journal Article Modeling Vorticity-Driven Wildfire Behavior Using Near-F... fire, modelling, physics PDF icon Modeling Vorticity-Driven Wildfire Behavior Using Near-Field Techniques
Thesis Collapse behaviour of limited ductile high-strength RC c... emergency management, engineering, infrastructure
Journal Article A Seasonal-Window Ensemble-Based Thresholding Technique... emergency management, fire, remote sensing
Journal Article Why don't bushfire warnings work as intended? Respo... communities, fire, warnings
Book Chapter Animal Welfare and Disasters animals, emergency management, resilience
Book Chapter Developing guidelines for increasing the resilience of i... communities, fire, resilience
Book Chapter The Theory/Practice of Disaster Justice: Learning from I... fire, indigenous communities, resilience
Book Feeling the heat: International perspectives on the prev... fire, planning, preparedness
Book Chapter Shallow Fire Literacy Hinders Robust Fire Policy: Black... fire, indigenous communities, prescribed burning
Book Chapter Public Policy and Disaster Justice governance, policy, vulnerability
Book Chapter Sensing bushfire: Exploring shifting perspectives as haz... communication, fire, resilience
Book Chapter Shaped by Fire: How Bushfires Forged Migrant Environment... communities, multi-hazard, vulnerability
Book Disaster Education, Communication and Engagement communication, education, emergency management
Book Chapter Looking to Courts of Law for Disaster Justice governance, recovery, vulnerability