End-user representatives


Representative Key interests
Tamsin Achilles
Andy Ackland fire, fire weather
Dr Felipe Aires environments, fire
Sarah Anderson communication, tsunami
Andrew Andreou
Rachel Armstrong communities, fire
Mel Ashby
Mark Ashley
Elizabeth Ashman framework
Mick Ayre Mick Ayre fire, governance, response
John Bally John Bally
Sandra Barber Sandra Barber
Dermot Barry
Nick Bauer fire severity
Ken Baulth
Tamara Beckett resilience
Glenn Benham communication, fire, warnings
Mike Bergin Mike Bergin
Clifton Bieundurry
Simone Blair environments
Monique Blason governance, policy
Anthony Bradstreet recovery, resilience
Kate Brady
Sonja Braidner
Gwynne Brennan Gwynne Brennan
Paul Brockhoff fire impacts, fire weather, soil moisture
Jo Brooks
Greg Buckley
Todd Burns
Dr Neil Burrows Dr Neil Burrows
Peter Button
Phil Campbell
Phil Canham
Jon Carr communication, flood
Leesa Carson Leesa Carson cyclone, engineering, mitigation
Rodney Carter communities, local knowledge, recovery
John Cawcutt John Cawcutt
Ewan Cayzer fire
Jen Chan governance, policy
Mark Chladil Mark Chladil
Peter Cinque Peter Cinque
Anthony Clark Anthony Clark communication, fire, resilience
Suzanne Coates
Pauline Cole
Samantha Colwell Samantha Colwell volunteering
Liz Connell Liz Connell decision making, multi-hazard
David Cook governance, policy
Michelle Coombe communication, warnings
Adelaide Cooper
Neil Cooper Neil Cooper
Don Cranwell fire, governance, policy
Frank Crisci infrastructure, planning
Mal Cronstedt decision making, economics, risk management
Simon Curry
Trent Curtin
Adam Damen
Susan Davie Susan Davie child-centred
Troy Davies emergency management, fire
Belinda Davies
Darren Davies
Brad Davies
Paul Davis capability, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering
Madonna Day volunteering
Tony Day
Fiona Dunstan Fiona Dunstan
Steve Edwards
Jillian Edwards
Stuart Ellis Stuart Ellis
Nicole Ely communication, fire, warnings
Karen Enbom Karen Enbom
Myles Fairbairn Myles Fairbairn
Jennifer Finlay
Shane Fitzsimmons Shane Fitzsimmons communication, communities, warnings
Paul Fletcher fire, fire severity, response
Bob Flett
Suellen Flint Suellen Flint
Liam Fogarty Liam Fogarty
Frederick Ford communities, decision making, fire
Holly Foster Holly Foster economics, governance, resilience
Paul Fox-Hughes Paul Fox-Hughes
Neil Francis
Dean Freeman
Gordon Friend environments, land management
Jacqueline Frizenschaf Jacqueline Frizenschaf
Allen Gale Allen Gale
Hayley Gillespie
Stephen Glassock
Georgina Goodrich Georgina Goodrich
Simon Goodwin
Andrew Grace
Mike Grant Mike Grant
Steve Grant Steve Grant scenario analysis
Steve Gray coastal, emergency management, planning
Bruno Greimel
Anthony Griffiths Anthony Griffiths fire impacts, remote sensing
Tim Groves fire
Stuart Gunning
James Guy James Guy coastal, flood
David Hanslow coastal
Dawn Hartog child-centred, fire impacts, resilience
Ed Hatherly
Andrea Heath Andrea Heath
Simon Heemstra Dr Simon Heemstra
Michael Hodder communication, warnings
Nicole Hogan
John Holloway
Greg Howard Greg Howard engineering, exposure, fire
Julie Hoy
David Hudson fire impacts, remote sensing
Kathleen Iacurto volunteering
Chris Irvine Chris Irvine
Tony Jarrett child-centred, fire, resilience
Peter Jeffrey
Kaylene Jones Kaylene Jones
Pat Jones
Brenton Keen
Belinda Kenny fire, prescribed burning
Zoe Kenyon communication
Reegan Key Reegan Key
Damien Killalea Damien Killalea communities, fire, resilience
Michael Konig capability, infrastructure
Narelle Koteff fire, resilience, volunteering
Heather Lakin communication, communities, resilience
Deborah Lamb communication, flood, risk management
David Launder economics, emergency management, fire
Adam Lawson capability
Adam Leavesley Dr Adam Leavesley
Amanda Leck
Chris Lewis
Laura Little decision making, emergency management, fire
Lyndal Mackintosh decision making
Tariq Maqsood Dr Tariq Maqsood
Ali Martin
Stuart Matthews
Dr Lachlan McCaw environments, modelling, severe weather
Laurence McCoy fire, fire impacts, response
Andrew McCullough
Tim McGuffog fire impacts, scenario analysis
Paul McGuiggan
Iain McKenzie Iain McKenzie
Michael McKiterick
Duncan McLuckie
Timothy McNaught decision making, economics
Andrew Mellor land management, modelling, soil moisture
Miriam Middelmann-Fernandes coastal, engineering, mitigation
Stuart Midgley
Leigh Miller Leigh Miller fire, governance, response
Julie Molloy
Brendan Moon
Norman Mueller coastal, flood, forecasting
Bruce Murrell coincident events, environments, infrastructure
Greg Nettleton
David Nichols David Nichols
Peta O'Donohue communication, communities, warnings
Melissa O'Halloran
Steve O'Malley
Caroline Ortel
Deb Parkin decision making, economics
Dominic Passaportis fuel reduction, prescribed burning
Kim Payne communication, warnings
Amy Peden
Darren Perry communities
Jennifer Pidgeon
Ed Pikusa
Robert Prime
Ross Pritchard
Rob Purcell Rob Purcell
Jan Radic fuel reduction, remote sensing
Rochelle Richards fire, modelling, physics
Andrew Richards Andrew Richards
Rowena Richardson
Toni Richardson
John Richardson John Richardson
Christine Roach Christine Roach
Luke Roberts engineering, flood, mitigation
Karen Roberts Karen Roberts volunteering
Phil Robeson capability, emergency management, fire
John Rolfe
Dylan Rowe policy
Andrew Sanders economics, fire, risk management
Rob Sandford Rob Sandford
John Santiago
John Schauble John Schauble
Patrick Schell
Robert Schwartz
Corey Shackleton engineering, exposure, fire
Michael Shepherd emergency management, fire, infrastructure
Elliott Simmons Elliott Simmons
Andreia Siqueira flood, remote sensing
Alen Slijepcevic Alen Slijepcevic
Jeremy Smith emergency management, fire, response
Bradley Smith capability, emergency management, volunteering
Dr Soori Sooriyakumaran Dr Soori Sooriyakumaran
Andrew Stark Andrew Stark
Naomi Stephens Naomi Stephens
Heather Stuart Heather Stuart capability, education
Lauren Sturgess fire, fire severity, response
Andrew Sturgess fire impacts
Paul Swain AFSM
Mark Swiney Mark Swiney
Rebel Talbert
Janine Taylor
David Taylor
Simeon Telfer environments, fire, modelling
Roy Thompson emergency management, fire, planning
Francie Tonkin Francie Tonkin child-centred, communication, fire
Maggie Tran modelling, multi-hazard
Shannon Treloar
Scott Turner
Ali Walsh infrastructure, risk management
Conrad Walsh child-centred, fire, resilience
Sam Ward
Kristine Wendtman volunteering
Ron Weston
Sandra Whight Sandra Whight fire
Kate White
TIm Wiebusch capability, communities
Dr Martine Woolf Dr Martine Woolf
Mike Wouters Mike Wouters
Chris Wyborn
Graeme Wynwood
Steve Yorke

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