Photo by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Vic
If you have migrated to Australia and then faced a natural disaster, your experience is valuable for a PhD study.
Li'l Larikkins copyright Southern Equity PL
Child-centred disaster risk reduction research outputs have been embedded in a range of national initiatives - into the school curriculum, in safety videos, a practice framework and an ebook.
Bushfire outlook for Nth Australia 2016
This Hazard Note details the Northern Australia Seasonal Bushfire Outlook for 2016.
Large and destructive hurricanes and storms that have lashed the United States in recent years will be used as case studies on disaster recovery to launch the Research Forum of AFAC16.
Brigade personnel instruct residents how to prepare for a bushfire. Photo: Damien Ford, NSW Rural Fire Service
Hazard Note 17 explains how our research is investigating enhancing disaster resilience to help communities, government and organisations develop the capabilities needed for living with natural hazards.
Flooding in the Sydney CBD, 5 June 2016. Photo: Brian Dewey, Flickr
The flooding rains that have drenched eastern Australia have tragically left several people dead and several more missing in New South Wales and Tasmania. This is an all-too-common story – flooding rains are a major cause of deaths around the globe. Our research suggests many of these deaths are avoidable.