Charitha Pattiaratchi discusses improving predictions of extreme water levels along the coast.
With a focus on the science of natural hazards, the papers from the 2016 Research Forum held in Brisbane on 30 August are available in full.
Richard Thornton presenting the Outstanding Achievement award to Prof Vivienne Tippett and Andrew Richards.
The Connecting communities and resilience project team and PhD student Billy Haworth have been recognised with CRC awards.
The Southern Australia Seasonal Bushfire Outlook 2016 shows a mixed picture for fire potential, with the exceptionally warm and wet conditions experienced through winter likely to continue into spring.
Calling all researchers who can add to the CRC research program.
Time to consider our research
Reviewing and refreshing our research for 2017 and beyond.
Research refresh 2016 - rural land managers
The full research program of the CRC has been reviewed and renewed to take it through to the end of the current funding in 2021.

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