Year in Review 2015-2016
Read all the highlights for 2015-2016 in our online annual report.
Researcher Graeme Riddell shows SA end-users aspects of the decision support system. Photo Tim Allan
Hazard Note 25 covers the Economics and strategic decisions cluster of projects, which are developing the tools required to undertake sound analysis of the costs and benefits of different disaster risk reduction strategies.
The Blue Mountains fires in 2013 have provided a wealth of research data that has helped RFS change their approach to bushfire safety. Photo by Gary P Hayes, supplied by NSW RFS.
Hazard Note 24 investigates a weather phenomenon known as mountain waves, which has contributed to severe fire spread in the State Mine Fire (NSW 2013), Margaret River (WA 2011) and Aberfeldy (Victoria 2013).
Prof Charitha Pattiaratchi speaks at the 2016 conference.
The call for abstracts for AFAC17 powered by INTERSCHUTZ, the CRC's annual conference with AFAC, is now open.
An updated Southern Australia Seasonal Bushfire Outlook has been released following record rainfall in large parts of Australia during spring.
Most flood fatalities occur when victims attempt to cross floodwaters. Photo CFA.
Hazard Note 20 documents the analysis of the circumstances surrounding fatalities due to flooding in Australia from 1900 to 2015. Overall there have been 1,859 fatalities within the 115 years, with distinct trends in relation to gender, age, activity and reason.

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