About RMIT University

The RMIT Disaster Research Networks brings together researchers to examine current approaches to managing responses to natural and human-induced disasters.

It aims to build disaster resilience across the Asia Pacific region by connecting communities with industry, government and experts in mapping, detection, warning, infrastructure, risk, modelling, planning, post-disaster reconstruction and the social sciences.

Dr David Barton Associate student
Raven Marie Cretney Associate student
Zoe D'Arcy Associate student
Amila Dissanayake PhD student
Akvan Gajanayake Associate student
Prof Annette Gough Researcher
Vaibhav Gupta
Vaibhav Gupta Associate student
Bryan Hally PhD student
Prof John Handmer
Prof John Handmer Researcher
Sam Hillman Associate student
Fiona Jennings
Dr Fiona Jennings PhD student
Prof Simon Jones Researcher
Dr Tarn Kruger
Dr Tarn Kruger Researcher
James Leversha PhD student
Chun Qing Li Researcher
Tariq Maqsood
Dr Tariq Maqsood Researcher
Kate McAuslan PhD student
Darryn McEvoy Researcher
Blythe McLennan
Dr Blythe McLennan Researcher
Dr Peter Moar Researcher
Hessam Mohseni
Hessam Mohseni Researcher
Sean Morling Associate student
Jane Mullett Researcher
Maryam Nasim PhD student
Clare O'Callaghan PhD student
Sofia Oliveira
Sofia Oliveira Researcher
Ismail M I Qeshta Associate student
Gabriela Raducan PhD student
Dr Karin Reinke
Dr Karin Reinke Researcher
Dr Judy Rogers PhD Supervisor
Dr Ken Strahan Associate student
Dr Briony Towers Researcher
Alexei Trundle
Alexei Trundle Researcher
Dr Mittul Vahanvati Associate student
Luke Wallace
Luke Wallace Researcher
Chathura Wickramasinghe Associate student
Zeinab Yazdanfar PhD student
Kevin Zhang Researcher