Commissioned Research

Commissioned Research

The CRC is always looking for interesting opportunities to extand research effort into topics of specific interest to organisations in the sector.

Please feel free to contact us for further discussions:

Ms Sarah Mizzi, Partnership Development Manager

Dr Richard Thornton, CEO

Economics and strategic decisions
Project Research leader Affiliation
Social, economic, and environmental impacts of the 2012/13 Victorian fire season
Prof John Handmer RMIT University
Social values in bushfire management decision making
Prof David Pannell University of Western Australia
Assessing the economic value and vulnerability of nature based tourism industry
Terry DeLacy Victoria University
Governance and institutional knowledge
Project Research leader Affiliation
Establishing a monitoring, evaluation and reporting framework: stage 2
Karyn Bosomworth RMIT University
Communication and warnings
Project Research leader Affiliation
2014 Parkerville WA post-incident task force
Adjunct Professor Jim McLennan La Trobe University
2014 South Australia post-incident task force
Dr Kirrilly Thompson CQUniversity
October 2013 NSW post-incident task force
Adjunct Professor Jim McLennan La Trobe University
2015 Sampson Flat SA post-incident task force
Dr Danielle Every CQUniversity
2017 NSW post-incident task force
Dr Josh Whittaker University of Wollongong
Risk communications in Victoria
Prof Roger Jones Victoria University
Emergency Management Capability
Project Research leader Affiliation
Analysis of community responses to the 2017 heatwave
Andrew Gissing Risk Frontiers
Study of heatwave impacts on residents and businesses in western Sydney
Andrew Gissing Risk Frontiers
Activation of community fire units in the Blue Mountains during the October 2013 bushfires
Dr Katharine Haynes Macquarie University
Built Environment
Project Research leader Affiliation
Flood risk mitigation assessment for Launceston
Dr Tariq Maqsood Geoscience Australia
Understanding and enhancing resilience
Project Research leader Affiliation
Smoke impacts on community health and social perceptions
Fay Johnston University of Tasmania
Homelessness and severe storms: a case study of the June 2016 East Coast Low
Dr Danielle Every CQUniversity
Bushfire Predictive Services
Project Research leader Affiliation
Smoke transportation and emissions modelling
Martin Cope Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Post-Cyclone Marcia fuel assessment
Jim Gould Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Bushfire climatology in Victoria
Sarah Harris Monash University
Analysis of RapidEye imagery to map fire severity and ground truthing
Sarah Harris Monash University
Severe fire behaviour - improving planning responses
A/Prof Kevin Tolhurst University of Melbourne
2009 Black Saturday and other large fire events - moisture content project
Prof Ross Bradstock University of Wollongong
Landscape moisture modelling
Stuart Matthews New South Wales Rural Fire Service
The potential for coastal dune de-stabilisation following 2015/16 wildfires near Esperance, WA
Paul Hesse Macquarie University
Fire transitions across urban boundaries
Dr Andrew Sullivan Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Probability of fire ignition and escalation
John Hearne RMIT University
Severe and High Impact Weather
Project Research leader Affiliation
Bushfire spatial data models and ignition data
Musa Kilinc Monash University
Fire severity mapping review
Sarah Harris Monash University
Fire severity rating
Musa Kilinc Monash University
Prescribed burning and catchment management
Project Research leader Affiliation
Assessment and calibration of fuel moisture sensors
Gary Sheridan University of Melbourne
Managing scale and uncertainty in fire management planning incorporating growth stage and habitat analysis
Steve Leonard La Trobe University
Planned burn mapping in Victoria using remote sensing
Glenn Newnham Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

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