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Roof damage from Cyclone Debbie (Picture: Cyclone Testing Station, JCU)
Roof damage from Cyclone Debbie (Picture: Cyclone Testing Station, JCU)
If you live in coastal North Queensland between Cairns and Rockhampton, your experience is valuable for a PhD study.
Black Saturday 2009 Kinglake
An all-day workshop on strategic risk ownership for emergency managers will lead the CRC component of the post conference development program at AFAC17, in Sydney next month.
Research Forum at Brisbane AFAC16
An international take on natural hazards science will feature at the CRC all-hazards Research Forum in Sydney next month.
With an emphasis on psychosocial recovery research, the July 2017 Australian Journal of Emergency Management is now online
Black Saturday 2009 Kinglake
Major research insights on the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria have been distilled into a practical industry guide on key messaging in catastrophic bushfires.
AFAC 16 Conference
Leading international smart data expert, and a Senior Firefighter in the Netherlands, Mr Bart van Leeuwen, urges Australian fire and emergency services to harness the power of smart data to make predictions of the...
Flood hazard
This is the June 2017 newsletter from the Scientific diversity, scientific uncertainty and risk mitigation policy and planning project (RMPP), with updates for project end-users.
Flooding in Lismore after Cyclone Debbie. Photo: NSW SES
If you were impacted by the northern NSW floods earlier this year, your experience is valuable for new research.
Do you and your agency use our research? Nominate for the AFAC News Knowledge Innovation Award, presented at #AFAC17.
Roadway flooding
People continue to enter floodwater in vehicles and on foot, despite many knowing the risks.
Australasia’s emergency management leaders will discuss interoperability and other emerging trends at AFAC17 conference.

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22 Jul The Daily Advertiser Return of the 'big dry' points to active and early fire season across the south
22 Jul TVN ‘It’s almost locked in to have above-average temperatures from climate change’
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19 Jul The Weekly - DEWNR Hazard management featured at national research showcase
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10 Jul Insurance News Hazards research group puts focus on mitigation
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30 Jun Australian Security Magazine Risk Frontiers becomes an independent R&D company
30 Jun e-Global Travel Media Collaboration the key to improving emergency response