Brisbane floods 2011. Photo: Angus Veitch (CC BY-NC 2.0)
Hazard Note 44 covers PhD research by Dr George Carayannopoulos, completed in 2017. The research explored the response to two natural disasters: the 2009 Victorian bushfires and the 2011 Queensland floods.
Research Driving Change Showcase 2017 - fire and severe weather scientists
Partners in the CRC will receive the publication Highlights and Achievements 2013-2017. In a departure from the usual annual report format, this report is an overview of the first four years of the CRC’s eight-year funding period, based around the projects, the people and the organisations that contributed to the overall success of the centre.
Photo: NSW SES
For the first time, Australia's most significant natural hazard emergency management issues have been drawn up by the sector's leaders to guide research over the next decade. Now available online for broader discussion, the priorities arose from national workshops with the emergency management sector.
November update: Southern Australian Seasonal Bushfire Outlook 2017-18
An updated Southern Australia Seasonal Bushfire Outlook has been released due to drier and warmer than average conditions since autumn 2017.
A flood wipes out a bridge in southern WA, February 2017. Photo: Dana Fairhead
A set of priorities for national research into natural hazards in Australia has been launched by the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC.
This special event showcased our research achievements to date, with nearly 200 people from across emergency management and policy hearing two days of how the findings are being put into practice.

National Research Priorities published: download now

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