About Geoscience Australia

Geoscience Australia is Australia’s national geoscience agency and exists to apply geoscience to Australia’s most important challenges. Geoscience Australia provides geoscientific advice and information to the Australian Government to support it to deliver its priorities. It provides geoscientific information to industry and other stakeholders where it supports achievement of Australian Government objectives.

Craig Arthur Researcher
Neil Corby Researcher
Dr Ken Dale
Dr Ken Dale Researcher
Dr Gareth Davis Researcher
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards Researcher
Russell Hay Researcher
Floyd Howard Researcher
David Hudson End User Representative
Dr Wenping Jiang Researcher
Jeff Kingwell
Jeff Kingwell End User Rep
Claire Krause Researcher
Duncan Moore Researcher
Norman Mueller End User Representative
Krishna Nadimpalli
Dr Krishna Nadimpalli Project Leader
Scott Nichol
Dr Scott Nichol Project Leader
Dr Hyeuk Ryu Researcher
Dr Jane Sexton Researcher
Andreia Siqueira End User Representative
Maggie Tran End User Representative
Martin Wehner Researcher
Dr Martine Woolf
Dr Martine Woolf End User Rep
Fang Yuan Dr Fang Yuan