About Bureau of Meteorology

The Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research is a partnership between Australia's leading atmospheric and oceanographic research agencies: the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO. The Centre was established by CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology in 2007 to ensure that Australia remains a world leader in climate, weather and oceans research so that it can meet the severe weather and climatic challenges that continue to confront the nation.

Mike Bergin
Mike Bergin End-user
Dr Imtiaz Dharssi Researcher
Dr Andrew Dowdy researcher
Beth Ebert Researcher
Dr Robert Fawcett Researcher
Paul Fox-Hughes
Paul Fox-Hughes End-user
Ian Grant
Dr Ian Grant Researcher
Dr David Jones researcher
Jeff Kepert
Dr Jeff Kepert Researcher
Dr Vinod Kumar Researcher
Chris Leahy End-user
Shoni Maguire End-user
Kiernan McGill Researcher
Adam Morgan Researcher
Mika Peace
Dr Mika Peace Researcher
Harald Richter
Adam Smith Researcher
Peter Steinle Researcher
Dr Kevin Tory Researcher
Richard Wardle Researcher
Sandra Whight Board member
David Wilke Researcher
Claire Yeo
Claire Yeo Researcher