Dr William Thurston

Dr William Thurston
27 Aug 2019
In extreme cases, embers transported in a bushfire plume have started new fires over thirty...
Thermodynamics of pyrocumulus formation
29 Jun 2017
In favourable atmospheric conditions, large hot fires can produce pyrocumulus cloud: deep...
Will Thurston Conference Poster 2016
14 Aug 2016
Pyrocumulonimbus clouds have been linked to highly dangerous fire behaviour.
Modelling the Fire Weather of the Blue Mountains Fires of October 2013
18 Aug 2015
High resolution simulations over the Blue Mountains Region on 17 October 2013 show several...
Long-Range Spotting by Bushfire Plumes: The Effects of In-Plume Turbulence on Firebrand Trajectory
18 Aug 2015
Large-eddy simulations of bushfire plumes are combined with firebrand trajectory calculations to...

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