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The project will use a globally unique opportunity to re-survey an area burnt in the 2019 Tasmanian bushfires, which was previously mapped using high resolution LiDAR in 2014. 

LiDAR is a remote sensing method that can generate three dimensional maps of fire impacts by penetrating an unburned canopy. The research will determine if LiDAR can significantly improve and enhance current approaches to fire severity mapping based on satellite imagery, aerial photography and field surveys. Insights will be gained around how useful LiDAR mapping is for monitoring post fire recovery.

The work will produce a fire severity map of the Warra study area based on LiDAR ground surveys and compare this with commonly used methods based on satellite data. Then, a method will be developed to use LiDAR to calibrate satellite data to produce more accurate severity mapping. Recommendations will be made for incorporating LiDAR data into operational severity mapping.