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The 2019-20 fire season resulted in unprecedented fire activity across multiple states. Climate drivers and extended drought producing dry, flammable fuels were a key mechanism driving the broad spatial extent and prolonged nature of the campaign fires. In many cases though, similar areas to those which burnt in 2019-20 had been flagged in immediately prior seasons as potentially at risk of dangerous fires, but those years did not experience such extreme impacts as during 2019-2020.
This project will examine whether there were distinguishing features between the 2019-20 season and the same regions in immediately previous seasons that could have led to better predictions of elevated risk of fire in areas that burnt in 2019-20. The project team will examine whether recent CRC research on soil moisture and fuel moisture and correlation between the available spatial datasets could have aided assessment of how precursor conditions primed the landscape for the extreme fires and fire behaviour, looking at a range of timescales from yearly, to seasonal, to weekly to explore the strength of the signals at varying lead periods.