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Dr Mika Peace

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The project aimed to improve understanding of fire and atmosphere interactions and feedback processes through running the coupled fire-atmosphere model ACCESS-Fire. ACCESS-Fire is an important research tool and has the potential to be a critical operational tool. It will assist in informing fire management decisions as increasingly hazardous scenarios are faced in a changing climate. Further deliverables from the project include the preparation of meteorological and simulation case studies of significant fire events as publications, installation and testing of the ACCESS-Fire coupled model on the National Computing Infrastructure; and preparation of training material to support operational implementation of research findings. The project has demonstrably achieved the objective of building and sharing national capability in fire research and has provided fire and meteorology expertise during high impact events in support of end-users inside their operational centres.
This project is part of the Black Summer research program funded by the Commonwealth Government through the 10-year extension of funding into natural hazard research in Australia.
31 Aug 2020
Key findings: Coupled modelling can provide the next level of value for fire danger forecasting, if...
27 Aug 2019
Coupled models are a class of fire prediction models that combine fire and atmospheric components....
Coupled fire-atmosphere simulations of the Sir Ivan Fire
19 Sep 2018
ACCESS-Fire couples an empirical fire spread model to the Australian numerical weather prediction...
Access-fire: Australia's coupled fire-atmosphere model
29 Jun 2017
Some bushfires exhibit extreme behaviour that exceeds the bounds of existing predictive guides....
Mika Peace Conference Poster 2016
14 Aug 2016
Coupled fire-atmosphere models show three-dimensional interactions between a fire and the...
Meteorology of the Sampson Flat Fire in January 2015
18 Aug 2015
In January 2015, the Sampson flat bushfire burnt in the Adelaide hills. it was active for 6 days,...

Resources credited

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