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With the multitude of warnings issued when an emergency hits, how can emergency services ensure their critical safety advice is heard and acted upon, rather than dismissed as noise? This project is helping emergency services warn communities by actively testing the wording and structure of warning messages to better understand how messages are understood and translated into direct action. The team is supporting broader initiatives in the communications and warnings space, not just for individual organisations, but also at the national level by providing reviews and assisting with the development of evidence-based warning doctrine.
27 Aug 2019
To develop a pilot capability for making useful predictions of community impacts of extreme wind...
Impact-based forecasting for the coastal zone
19 Sep 2018
Developing a pilot capability to estimate the impacts of East Coast Low hazards on the built...

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Type Released Title Download Key Topics
Presentation-Slideshow 24 Aug 2019 Impact –Based Forecasting In The Coastal Zone: East Coast Lows PDF icon Save (2.37 MB) coastal, forecasting
Presentation-Slideshow 16 Apr 2018 Forecasting Impact for Severe Weather PDF icon Save (1.61 MB) coastal, forecasting, severe weather

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