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Environments refers to the natural world, as a whole or in a particular geographical area. Environments also refers to the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.

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Fire and heavy metals: when wild and controlled fires transform un-rehabilitated mining waste Project environments, prescribed burning
Impact of rain gauge quality control and interpolation on streamflow simulation: an application to the Warwick Catchment, Australia Biblio environments, flood, hydrology
An ecosystem services framework to evaluate indigenous and local peoples’ connections with nature Biblio environments, indigenous communities, Northern Australia
Modelling feedback between fuel reduction burning and forest carbon and water balance in eucalypt forests Biblio PDF icon save (976.41 KB) environments, fuel reduction, prescribed burning
Non-destructive estimation of above-ground surface and near-surface biomass using 3D terrestrial remote sensing techniques Biblio environments, modelling, remote sensing
Simulated transport of short-range embers in an idealised bushfire Biblio environments, fire impacts, fire severity
Challenges for valuing ecosystem services from an Indigenous estate in northern Australia Biblio environments, indigenous communities, Northern Australia
A critical review of the application of environmental scenario exercises Biblio environments, multi-hazard, scenario analysis
A preliminary report on simulation of flows through canopies with varying atmospheric stability Biblio PDF icon save (1.19 MB) environments, fire impacts, tropical
Fire-driven decline of endemic Allosyncarpia monsoon rainforests in Northern Australia Biblio environments, fire, land management
Ecosystem resilience – establishment of collection and analyses for the third of 11 priority Ecological Fire Groups Project environments, resilience, risk management
Verification of soil moisture from land surface models and traditional soil dryness indices - non peer reviewed extended abstract Biblio PDF icon save (236.43 KB) environments, fuel reduction
Economics of Natural Hazards Annual Report 2017-2018 Biblio PDF icon save (1.21 MB) emergency management, environments, multi-hazard
The impact of bushfires on water quality Biblio environments, exposure, fire impacts
Global vegetation gross primary production estimation using satellite-derived light-use efficiency and canopy conductance Biblio environments, fire, remote sensing
Influence of controlled burning on the mobility and temporal variations of potentially toxic metals (PTMs) in the soils of a legacy gold mine site in Central Victoria, Australia Biblio environments, fire impacts, land management
Using pre and post fire LiDAR to assess the severity of the 2019 Tasmanian Bushfires Project environments, fire impacts, fire severity
Managing scale and uncertainty in fire management planning incorporating growth stage and habitat analysis Project environments, prescribed burning
Accredited qualifications for capacity development in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation Biblio emergency management, environments, risk management
Approaches for investigating wildfire impacts on catchment hydrology Biblio PDF icon save (2.91 MB) environments, fire, fire impacts
Using LiDAR for forest and fuel structure mapping: options, benefits, requirements and costs Biblio PDF icon save (2.89 MB) environments, fire impacts, modelling
The response of the southwest Western Australian wave climate to Indian Ocean climate variability Biblio coastal, environments, severe weather
Optimisation of fuel reduction burning regimes for carbon, water and vegetation outcomes Biblio environments, fuel reduction, prescribed burning
Assessing ecological performance thresholds in fire‐prone Kakadu National Park, northern Australia Biblio environments, land management, Northern Australia

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