Prof Alan March

Prof Alan March

Prof Alan March

Project leadership

This project investigated the limits and potentials of integrated urban planning for natural hazard mitigation in Australia, and the ways in which key planning processes for risk-based decision making in the built environment can be improved. In doing so, the research team identified many gaps in the ways urban planning and natural hazard risk management are integrated together. Learnings from this project were captured in a set of scalable and adaptable diagnostic tools that are part of critical frameworks for best practice in integrating urban planning and natural hazard mitigation in Australia. These diagnostic tools allow assessment of integration and risk management across urban planning and emergency management systems and processes.
This project was commissioned and funded entirely by Resilience NSW.
Research team:
09 Sep 2021
Key findings: Victorian urban planning disaster risk reduction controls can be enhanced by a cross-...
31 Aug 2020
Key findings: Appropriate management of disaster risk in a dynamic urban context requires...
AFAC19 poster
27 Aug 2019
Urban Planning systems have considerable potential: to modify the impacts of natural hazards upon...
27 Aug 2019
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27 Aug 2019
In the context of dynamic environmental and demographic changes, one-directional, fragmented...
Integrated Urban Planning for Natural Hazard Mitigation
18 Sep 2018
Urban Planning – UP systems have considerable potential to modify the impacts of natural hazards...

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