Stephen Dovers

Prof Stephen Dovers

Prof Stephen Dovers
AFAC19 poster
27 Aug 2019
Urban Planning systems have considerable potential: to modify the impacts of natural hazards upon...
Integrated Urban Planning for Natural Hazard Mitigation
18 Sep 2018
Urban Planning – UP systems have considerable potential to modify the impacts of natural hazards...
Anna Lukasiewicz Conference Poster 2016
12 Aug 2016
Community resilience is dependent on more than just engineering and preperation
Eburn poster
25 Aug 2014
This research will identify legal, policy and governance barriers to more active community (...

Resources credited

Type Released Title Download Key Topics
Presentation-Slideshow 09 Jul 2019 Politics and disasters: the good, the hard or the ugly? PDF icon Save (487.45 KB) economics, planning, policy
Presentation-Slideshow 16 Apr 2018 Policies, institutions & governance of natural hazards PDF icon Save (1.22 MB) emergency management, governance, policy
HazardNoteEdition 03 Nov 2017 Removing disaster barriers through policy reform PDF icon Save (718.86 KB) framework, governance, policy
Presentation-Slideshow 18 Apr 2017 Policies, Institutions and Governance of Natural Hazards PDF icon Save (2.29 MB) framework, governance, policy
Presentation-Slideshow 30 Aug 2016 Sharing responsibility for disaster resilience: What are the obligations of the community? - Anna Lukasiewicz PDF icon Save (1.56 MB) governance, multi-hazard, policy
Presentation-Slideshow 30 Aug 2016 The social life of science: tales from Victoria and the Northern Territory - Jessica Weir PDF icon Save (1.49 MB) decision making, fire, policy
HazardNoteEdition 11 Jan 2016 Raising the bar on risk reduction policy and planning PDF icon Save (144.04 KB) governance, planning, policy
Presentation-Audio-Video 14 Dec 2015 Governance and institutional knowledge cluster overview video File Save (0 bytes) governance, planning, policy
Presentation-Audio-Video 30 Oct 2014 Natural Disasters - the challenges for Australia and the region (full panel discussion) File Save (0 bytes)
Presentation-Audio-Video 27 Oct 2014 Protecting and managing critical infrastructure under a changing climate infrastructure, mitigation
Presentation-Audio-Video 27 Oct 2014 Prof Stephen Dovers (ANU) - Natural Disasters File Save (0 bytes) risk management
Presentation-Slideshow 08 Sep 2014 Managing critical infrastructure in a changing climate PDF icon Save (441.42 KB) infrastructure, policy

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