Year Type Citation
2015 Presentation Nichol, S. Resilience to clustered disaster events on the coast: Storm surge. (2015).
2015 Presentation Sharples, J. J., Hilton, J. & Sullivan, A. Dynamic modelling of fire coalescence. (2015).
2015 Presentation Baker-Jones, M. Web 2.0 in disaster and emergency: a risk assessment of tortious liability. (2015).
2015 Presentation Possell, M. Optimisation of fuel reduction burning regimes for fuel reduction, carbon, water and vegetation outcomes. (2015).
2015 Presentation Pattiaratchi, C., Janekovic, I. & Hetzel, Y. Developing better predictions for extreme water levels. (2015).
2015 Presentation Chung, D. et al. The spread of fires in landscapes. (2015).
2015 Presentation Setunge, S. & Mohseni, H. Enhancing resilience of critical road infrastructure: bridges, culverts and floodways under natural hazards . (2015).
2015 Presentation Russell-Smith, J. Risks and opportunities for sustainable savanna fire management. (2015).
2015 Presentation Kepert, J., Thurston, W., Ching, S., Tory, K. J. & Fawcett, R. Improved predictions of severe weather to reduce community risk. (2015).
2015 Presentation Nadimpalli, K. Natural hazard exposure information framework. (2015).
2015 Presentation Kepert, J. & Peace, M. Coupled Fire-Atmosphere Modelling. (2015).
2015 Presentation Dixon, D. J. The Exposure of Emergency Service Personnel to Asbestos . (2015).
2015 Presentation Griffith, M. Resilience and Mitigation through Hardening the Built Environment. (2015).
2015 Presentation Bradstock, R. From hectares to tailor-made solutions for risk mitigation: systems to deliver effective prescribed burning across Australian ecosystems. (2015).
2015 Presentation Yebra, M., van Dijk, A. & Cary, G. J. Mapping bushfire hazard and impact. (2015).
2015 Presentation Maqsood, T., Wehner, M. & Dale, K. Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for flood prone buildings. (2015).
2015 Presentation Duff, T. & Penman, T. Determining threshold conditions for extreme fire behaviour. (2015).
2015 Presentation Jones, S. & Reinke, K. Disaster landscape attribution, active fire detection and hazard mapping. (2015).

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