Melanie Baker-Jones

Dr Melanie Baker-Jones

Completed PhD student
Dr Melanie Baker-Jones

Dr Melanie Baker-JonesĀ completed her PhD on social media in emergencies in September 2017. Melanie learnt that while there are limited circumstances in which agencies are likely to be held legally accountable, it is still important for them to consider legal risk in the formulation of social media policies and guidelines. She currently works Simpson Western Lawyers in Auckland.

Her thesis is avilable here.

Student project

Social media can be an effective tool for government agencies to both communicate and gain situational awareness during an emergency. As a relatively new tool, new risks might arise as a result of its utilisation. With the increasing usage of Web 2.0 by the emergency services, this project is undertaking a thorough examination of the legal risks associated with the use of social media in emergency management.
Supervisory panel:
Social media in emergencies: an examination of government accountability for risk communication and warning
30 Jun 2017
Under what circumstances is it likely that a statutory authority within the emergency management...
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Legal implications of utilising social media for communication during a disaster: An analysis by Responder Group
25 Aug 2014
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