Prof Albert van Dijk

Prof Albert van Dijk

Albert Van Dijk leads the Water and Landscape Dynamics Group at the Fenner School of Environment and Society.

From 1996 to 2003, he studied aquifer hydrology, tropical land management and the carbon cycle, and lectured in ecohydrology at VU University Amsterdam. From 2003 to 2012, he was with CSIRO Land and Water, investigating the influence of vegetation management on land and water resources, the Murray-Darling Basin water system, environmental remote sensing, model-data fusion, and monitoring and forecasting water availability and drought. Albert led development of the Australian Water Resources Assessment system, a large observing and modelling system that underpins several of the Bureau of Meteorology’s water information services. He has authored more than 130 publications. He is adjunct science leader with CSIRO Land and Water, and chairs the Australian Energy and Water Exchange Initiative (OzEWEX).

Research team

Type Project Research team
CRC Core Project Mapping bushfire hazard and impacts gcary, avandijk
27 Aug 2019
The AFMS is available to anyone, including fire and land managers and other industries such as...
Coupling Litter and Soil Moisture Dynamics For Dead Fuel Moisture Content Forecasting
19 Sep 2018
This research aims to evaluate the role of soil moisture in determining dead fuel moisture content...
Australian flammability monitoring system website
19 Sep 2018
"The new technology described here has enormous potential to improve the efficiency of bushfire...
The Australian Flammability Monitoring System
29 Jun 2017
The first national-scale, pre-operational, near-real time live fuel moisture content and...
Narshima Garlapati Conference Poster 2016
14 Aug 2016
The availability of spatially explicit quantitative forest information is critical for fire...
Marta Yebra Conference Poster 2016
12 Aug 2016
Live fuel moisture content (LFMC) is one of the primary variables affecting bushfire flammability.
Mapping Bushfire Hazard and Impact
18 Aug 2015
A good understanding of fire risk across the landscape is critical in preparing and responding to...
Mapping forest fuel load and structure from airborne LiDAR data
18 Aug 2015
Australia is a dry continent, with high climate variability, and is continually vulnerable to...
Mapping bushfire hazard and impact
25 Aug 2014
Little accurate and timely spatial information is currently available on bushfire hazard and...

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