Chathura Wickramasinghe

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Chathura Wickramasinghe

Student project

This study is focused on utilising the multi-resolution and high frequency data from Advanced Himawari Imager to develop new algorithms for fire line mapping and fire intensity calculation. Two algorithms are proposed for fire line mapping and fire radiant energy: calculations are improved by using accurate fire area calculation and correcting for radiant heat from smouldering areas.
Supervisory panel:
The detection and surveillance of active fire using Himawari-8
29 Jun 2017
Himawari-8 presents exciting opportunities to map fires in near real time. Exploiting information...
Chathura Wickramasinghe Conference Poster 2016
14 Aug 2016
New algorithm, AHI-FSA (AHI fire surveillance algorithm) is introduced to map fire line at 500m...
Luke Wallace Conference Poster 2016
14 Aug 2016
This project aims to attribute fire landscapes using the latest remote sensing technology.

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