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12/2013 Journal Article Hydro-geomorphic response models for burned areas and th...
02/2015 Journal Article Short-term forecasting of water yield from forested catc... fire impacts, fuel reduction, prescribed burning PDF icon water-07-00599.pdf
01/2019 Journal Article Calculation of critical water flow rates for wildfire su... fire, firefighter, response PDF icon calculation_of_critical_water_flow_rates.pdf
06/2018 Journal Article A fuel moisture content and flammability monitoring meth... emergency management, fire, savanna grasslands
02/2021 Journal Article A response to comments of Cruz et al. on: ‘Simulation st... fire, modelling, physics
06/2019 Journal Article Quantification of inter-regional differences in risk mit... emergency management, fire impacts, fire severity
Journal Article Characteristics of lightning-attributed wildland fires i...
08/2018 Journal Article Incentivising fire management in Pindan (Acacia shrublan... climate change, Northern Australia, savanna grasslands
10/31/2007 Journal Article On easterly changes over elevated terrain in Australia...
04/2018 Journal Article Estimating fire severity and carbon emissions over Austr... fire, modelling, remote sensing
03/2011 Journal Article Pack Hike Test finishing time for Australian firefighter...
10/2016 Journal Article Curvature effects in the dynamic propagation of wildfire... fire impacts, fire severity, fire weather
09/2020 Journal Article Seasonal fine fuel and coarse woody debris dynamics in n... fuel reduction, land management, savanna grasslands
05/2014 Journal Article Sleeping at work: not all about location, location, loca... fire
01/2020 Journal Article Staying on task: a tool to help state and regional-level... decision making, emergency management, organisational PDF icon Staying on task
12/2019 Journal Article Defining pharmacists' roles in disasters: A Delphi... capability, recovery, response PDF icon Defining pharmacists roles in disasters
11/2020 Journal Article Modeling of Seismic Actions on Earth Retaining Structure... earthquake, modelling, physics
02/2010 Journal Article Can climate at the seed-source predict the success of eu...
2007 Journal Article Communicating uncertainty via probabilities: The case of...
01/2021 Journal Article A Mutual Information‐Based Likelihood Function for Parti... flood, forecasting, modelling
10/2010 Journal Article Bushfire and everyday life: Examining the awareness-acti...
12/09/2014 Journal Article Risk Management from a Legal and Governance Perspective governance, risk management
2011 Journal Article Prescribed burning: how can it work to conserve the thin...
Journal Article Children's understanding of natural hazards in Chri... child-centred, communication, risk management PDF icon ajem-29-01-16.pdf
08/2018 Journal Article Attachment, bushfire preparedness, planning, and respons... animals, preparedness, response
07/2017 Journal Article Bridging the divide between studies on disaster risk red... child-centred, education, risk management
05/2020 Journal Article Progressive failures of batten to rafter connections und... cyclone, engineering, modelling
Journal Article Research priorities arising from the 2002/2003 bushfire...
01/2016 Journal Article Building adaptive capacities for disaster resilience: wh... emergency management, governance, policy PDF icon Building adaptive capacities for disaster resilience: what role for government?
09/2017 Journal Article Retrieval of forest fuel moisture content using a couple... environments, fire, modelling
Oct-10 Journal Article Exposure to bushfire smoke during prescribed burns and w...
01/2020 Journal Article Duty or safety? Exploring emergency service personnel... emergency management, flood, organisational PDF icon duty_or_safety.pdf
01/2020 Journal Article In-plane shear testing of unreinforced masonry walls and... earthquake, modelling, physics PDF icon In-plane shear testing
11/2017 Journal Article Predicting the failure of timber bridges by using curren... engineering, mitigation, modelling
Journal Article A rain forest ant fauna in the tropical savanna landscap...
Journal Article Fire development in focus
10/2015 Journal Article Are meteotsunamis an underrated hazard? flood, surface wave, tsunami PDF icon 20140377.full_.pdf
Journal Article Risk of post-fire metal mobilization into surface water... fire impacts, land management
2008 Journal Article Large fires, fire effects and the fire-regime concept
08/2018 Journal Article Motivations and experiences of sheltering in place durin... communication, flood, risk management
03/2021 Journal Article High-Resolution Estimates of Fire Severity - An Evaluati... fire, fuel reduction, remote sensing
Feb-08 Journal Article Glimpses of ‘community’ through the lens of a small fire...
07/2019 Journal Article Assessment of the Dual Polarimetric Sentinel-1A Data for... modelling, remote sensing, soil moisture PDF icon assessment_of_the_dual_polarimetric_sentinel-1a_data_for_forest_fuel_moisture.pdf
08/2016 Journal Article An Assessment of Pre- and Post Fire Near Surface Fuel Ha... fire, fire impacts, remote sensing
06/2020 Journal Article Emergency management communication: The paradox of the p... communities, preparedness, resilience PDF icon emergency_management_communications_uncorrected proof.pdf
02/2016 Journal Article Science in Motion: integrating scientific knowledge into... fire, mitigation, planning PDF icon ajem-31-02-04.pdf
04/2022 Journal Article Recovery Capitals: a collaborative approach to post-disa... communities, recovery, resilience PDF icon quinn_et_al.pdf
06/2018 Journal Article An ecosystem services framework to evaluate indigenous a... environments, indigenous communities, Northern Australia
01/2013 Journal Article Network effects on learning during emergency events
03/2017 Journal Article On the concept of denial of natural hazard risk and its... communication, communities, warnings