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risk management

Risk management refers to the forecasting and evaluation of current and future risks together with the identification of procedures to help avoid or minimise their impact.

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05 Feb 2020 Student research supporting EM sector News emergency management, modelling, risk management
05 Feb 2019 Journal focuses on mental health and diversity News emergency management, mental health, risk management
13 Jun 2014 Newsletter 1 - fatalities and building losses News fire impacts, infrastructure, risk management
30 Jul 2021 New online - July 2021 News emergency management, land management, risk management
12 Mar 2015 CRC in Sendai News child-centred, mitigation, risk management
15 Nov 2018 Scorched earth News fire, fire severity, risk management
06 May 2019 Research loaded program for AFAC19 News emergency management, multi-hazard, risk management
16 Jan 2017 Research opportunities available for bushfire risk management News fire, modelling, risk management
Savanna fire management, resources, methods and effectiveness Project fire, planning, risk management
Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities Project indigenous communities, resilience, risk management
Mapping and understanding bushfire and natural hazard vulnerability and risks at the institutional scale Project risk analysis, risk management, vulnerability
Post-Cyclone Marcia fuel assessment Project cyclone, fuel reduction, risk management
From hectares to tailor made solutions for risk mitigation Project fire, prescribed burning, risk management
Child-centred disaster risk reduction Project File save (0 bytes), File save (0 bytes) child-centred, communication, risk management
Preparing for the big one: Disaster risk reduction for morbid obesity Project communication, risk management
The impact of individual factors and operational organisational resources and demands on mental health outcomes Project emergency management, resilience, risk management
Yanchep Black Summer bushfire reconstruction: insights to inform situational awareness and future management Project fire severity, land management, risk management
What is the acceptable risk in the coastal zone: perspectives on coastal hazards and decision making Project coastal, governance, risk management
Economic evaluation of prescribed fire as a bushfire risk mitigation tool for southeast Queensland Project economics, prescribed burning, risk management
Risks assessments of non-compliant materials on buildings Project emergency management, risk analysis, risk management
National mental health and wellbeing study of police and emergency services Project mental health, resilience, risk management
Ecosystem resilience – establishment of collection and analyses for the third of 11 priority Ecological Fire Groups Project environments, resilience, risk management
Managing animals in disasters: improving preparedness, response, and resilience through individual and organisational collaboration Project File save (0 bytes) animals, communication, risk management
Urban planning for natural hazard mitigation Project mitigation, planning, risk management
Animal emergency management in New Zealand Project animals, communication, risk management
Re-imagining program evaluation for community resilience outcomes Project communities, resilience, risk management
Fighting the fires within: breaking down the barriers to mental help-seeking amongst first responders with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and high psychological distress Project mental health, resilience, risk management
18 Sep 2018 Risk modelling as a tool to support local government emergency management Resource PDF icon save (1.5 MB) risk analysis, risk management
18 Apr 2017 Hazards, Culture and Indigenous Communities Resource PDF icon save (273.08 KB) indigenous communities, resilience, risk management
07 Jul 2017 Lightning presentation: integrated urban planning for natural hazard mitigation Resource PDF icon save (1.32 MB) mitigation, planning, risk management
27 Oct 2020 Problem-based learning for bushfire safety Resource PDF icon save (2.05 MB) child-centred, education, risk management
27 Mar 2014 Building best practice in child-centred disaster risk reduction Resource PDF icon save (570.26 KB) child-centred, communities, risk management
04 Dec 2014 From hectares to tailor-made solutions for prescribed burning Resource PDF icon save (902.97 KB) mitigation, prescribed burning, risk management
18 Aug 2015 Delivering Effective Prescribed Burning Across Southern Australia Resource PDF icon save (355.69 KB) fire, prescribed burning, risk management
03 Jul 2017 Land use planning - a statement on research priorities for natural hazards emergency management in Australia Resource PDF icon save (2.53 MB) land management, planning, risk management
14 Dec 2015 International Day for Disaster Reduction - overview Resource File save (0 bytes) communities, multi-hazard, risk management
06 Dec 2015 The challenge of information management #AFAC15 Resource File save (0 bytes) communication, risk management, warnings
05 Sep 2019 AFAC19 Day One - Research Forum Resource File save (0 bytes) emergency management, risk management
27 Oct 2014 Understanding behavioural responses to earthquake shaking using injury data Resource earthquake, response, risk management
13 Jul 2021 Cultural burning in southern Australia video: collaborations based on Indigenous leadership Resource File save (0 bytes) indigenous communities, resilience, risk management

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