Student researcher

Jay Evans Research Leader

The goal of this project is to elucidate the requirements for effective and appropriate fire management in north Australian savannas through examination of case study examples describing varying resourcing levels and methods, and assessment of their effectiveness in sustainably meeting specified ecological targets.

With regard to current understanding of responses of savanna biota and habitats to fire impacts, and by exploring the questions of; what are the specific characteristics of a fire regime that would best deliver biodiversity conservation outcomes, and what practices, tools and resources might be required for sustainable and efficient implementation and monitoring of such a fire regime? The study will thus help identify minimum and optimum resources and methods required for the sustainable delivery of fire regimes at appropriate scales for effective biodiversity conservation of tropical savannas in northern Australia.

Year Type Citation
2019 Journal Article Evans, J. & Russell-Smith, J. Delivering effective savanna fire management for defined biodiversity conservation outcomes: an Arnhem Land case study. International Journal of Wildland Fire (2019). doi: