Jay Evans

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Jay Evans

Originally from Melbourne, Jay Evans travelled to North Australia in 2004 after completing a Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours at Deakin University. Over a few years working across and exploring the northern savannas he developed a keen interest in processes surrounding tropical fire management. Working with the Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research since 2010 has provided the opportunity to contribute to the development of sustainable savanna fire management options. He is currently undertaking a PhD examining the cost effectiveness and ecological trade-offs of various resourcing and methodological approaches to managing fire in savannas.

Student project

The goal of this project is to elucidate the requirements for effective and appropriate fire management in north Australian savannas through examination of case study examples describing varying resourcing levels and methods, and assessment of their effectiveness in sustainably meeting specified ecological targets.

Incorporation of spotting and fire dynamics in a coupled atmosphere - fire modelling framework
19 Sep 2018
Spotting is a challenging aspect of bushfire operations. We currently have poor capacity to...

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