Student researcher

Dr Heather Bancroft Research Leader

This study has improved the knowledge of the prevalence of mental health disorders amongst Australian volunteer and career firefighters, as well as the understanding of the range of factors contributing to better and worse mental health outcomes.

Four organisations participated in her research: SA Country Fire Service, ACT Fire and Rescue; ACT Rural Fire Service and the NT Fire and Rescue Service. Heather conducted 300 clinical interviews with career and volunteer firefighters to assess their mental health. She then collected additional information through two identical online surveys that were completed by 817 participants in round one and 335 in round two.

Depression and alcohol dependence (both 5.5 per cent) were identified as the two most prevalent rates of mental health disorders experienced in career firefighters during the interviews, while anxiety (4.9 per cent) and depression (4.4 per cent) were the most common disorders found in volunteer firefighters. These results were compared to the Australian National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing from 2007, which found that, compared to the general population, volunteer firefighters had a lower rate of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but higher rates of anxiety, while both career and volunteer firefighters had a higher rate of alcohol dependence. Heather discovered that career firefighters who had high job satisfaction because of aspects like shift work, physical fitness requirements and the responsibility of the job, had fewer symptoms of PTSD and depression.

Dr Bancroft says that the research is showing that a supportive and open culture within the fire services will help to reduce the stigma associated with having a mental health problem.

This project was completed in October 2019.

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