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Postgraduate students at the ANU Research Advisory Forum
Postgraduate students at the ANU Research Advisory Forum
21 Nov 2016
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It has all been happening at the CRC in the last month, with a Research Advisory Forum in Canberra, research on bushfire modelling, more #AFAC16 research papers and a new Board member.


Tostaree fire, Victoria, February 2011. Photo: Gail Wright, DELWP.
Hazard Note 21 gives an overview of the Next generation fire modelling cluster of Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC research projects.


Australian Institute of Disaster Resilience launch November 2015
The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience today celebrates one year of operations.
A/Prof Amisha Mehta has been awarded a PRIA Golden Target award for her research.
CRC researcher A/Prof Amisha Mehta has been nationally recognised, this week picking up a Public Relations Institute of Australia Golden Target Award for research and teaching.
CRC sign
New journal articles and reports on CRC research are available online.
Panelists at 2016's International Day for Disaster Reduction.
To mark the International Day for Disaster Reduction, the CRC hosted a public event on disaster risk reduction on 13 October.
Flood hazard
The latest videos featuring CRC researchers, PhD students and end-users explaining our science and the benefits it will bring are now online.
Earthquake house
An update from the project team with information for end-users and those interested in the latest news.
A cool change approaches the 2015 Hastings fire in Victoria. Photo: Glenn Thompson
A special edition of the journal Climatic Change, featuring CRC researchers, documents the historical record and projected change of seven natural hazards in Australia: flood; storms (including wind and hail); coastal extremes; drought; heatwave; bushfire; and frost.
A large smoke plume from the 2014 Grampians bushfire. Photo: Wayne Rigg, CFA

Project leader A/Prof Jason Sharples article on firestorms has been featured in The Conversation special series on natural hazards.

Doug Smith will join the CRC Board
The CRC Board of Directors has a new member, following elections at the recent AGM.
Fire Australia Spring 2016
The Spring 2016 edition of Fire Australia magazine is now available, featuring key research from the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC on asbestos risk, the role of pharmacies in disasters, decision-making capabilities and an update on some of the former CRC PhD students and what they are up to now.
Human factors case study
What goes on in the minds of Incident Management Team members and their leaders during complex emergencies? How do they communicate and coordinate these thoughts to work with others?
Adam Leavesley
The first wave of PhD students from the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC will graduate this year. The students are making their mark, ensuring that science and research continue to play vital roles in emergency and land management.
Tasmania fires
Pharmacies are critical to the health of their local communities. During a disaster they play a further important role, often at their own considerable cost.
Exposure of emergency services, construction and fire protection personnel to illegal imported products containing asbestos could cause the next wave of asbestos-related diseases.
Postgraduate students at the ANU Research Advisory Forum
The Research Advisory Forum in Canberra in October featured "lightning" presentations by 15 postgraduate students.
Dr Kamaljit Sangha (right) talks natural hazards research at the Palmerston Markets.
CRC research was on show in Darwin recently, with researchers from the Scoping remote north Australian community resilience project featuring at the popular Palmerston Markets.
Fire in the Australian high plains
This is the third project update from the From hectares to tailor-made solutions study, with information for end-users and those interested in the latest from the project.
AJEM October 2016 cover
Many peer-reviewed papers from the AFAC16 powered by INTERSCHUTZ Research Forum have been published in a special edition of the Australian Journal of Emergency Management.


James Furlaud - postgrad field studies in the Tasmanian forests
Postgraduate student James Furlaud spent a valuable week at the Research Advisory Forum in Canberra last month.
Steve Sutton inspects the remains of a house on Simeulue smashed by the 2004 tsunami
On Simeulue Island in northern Indonesia, they learn from a young age that when the earth shakes, run to the hills. What can we learn from Simeulue? How can we make disaster preparation normal?
Panelists at 2016's International Day for Disaster Reduction.
I spoke on 13 October at the International Day for Disaster Reduction on personal stories of death and survival.
Kinglake, Victoria after the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires
If you've been involved in a post disaster inquiry, you can help our research.

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