Student researcher

Dr Timothy Ramm Research Leader

The aim of this study is to advance the development and analysis of improved long-term coastal adaptation strategies under conditions of uncertainty. This will help manage coastal risks by improving the management of infrastructure and land use in vulnerable coastal communities. Improved management will reduce the direct and indirect damages caused by increased extreme events and losses from permanent inundation. Including social risk perceptions and values will be an important consideration in formulating the approach. 

24 Oct 2016
Coastal risks arise from a combination of hazards, community exposure and vulnerability. Often deterministic...
Identifying risk thresholds in coastal communities to inform adaptation planning
29 Jun 2017
The impact of changing coastal inundation hazards to people and property becomes increasingly uncertain...
Planning strategic adaptation pathways to manage future coastal flood risk
19 Sep 2018
Future sea level rise will exacerbate coastal flooding globally. Adaptation pathways provide a dynamic plan...