Monitoring and prediction

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The ability to understand, predict, forecast and monitor natural hazards is fundamental to improving resilience through better planning, preparedness, risk management and response.  The focus of this research cluster is improving our present predictive capabilities through of expanding the underpinning data as well as the range of monitoring and modelling techniques. Significant outcomes of our research program include:

  • Continuous availability of up-to-date datasets for soil moisture, as input to a range of monitoring and forecasting tools, such as fuel mapping and flood modelling.
  • Improved capability to forecast complex, high-resolution weather events such as cyclones and severe wind.
  • Improved ability to do (near) real time fire-spread modelling.
  • Methodology to improve the calibration of flood prediction (flow, extent).

CRC funded projects’ details research conducted by the core, CRC funded, program.

Projects in ‘commissioned research’ detail research the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC has, or is, conducting directly for a partner organisation, outside of the core, CRC funded, program. These projects are included on this page as their topic relates to this cluster, and the findings may be of interest.  

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