About University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is a world-class tertiary education and research institution committed to delivering high quality and distinct learning, teaching and research experiences.

The University is centred on:

  • discovering new knowledge
  • pursuing innovation
  • preparing the educated leaders of tomorrow who are independent, creative thinkers with an international perspective.
Dr Sofanit Araya Researcher
Graeme Dandy Researcher
Hossein Derakhshan Researcher
Prof Michael Griffith
Prof Michael Griffith Project Leader
Prof Mark Jaksa Researcher
Wade Lucas Researcher
Holger Maier
Prof Holger Maier Project Leader
Evangeline Moore Associate Student
Charles Newland
Dr Charles Newland PhD Student
Jeff Newman
Jeff Newman Researcher
Dr Alex Ng Researcher
Molly O'Callaghan Associate Student
Michael O'Flaherty PhD Student
Rachael Quill
Dr Rachael Quill Completed PhD student
Phillippa Radford Associate Student
Graeme Riddell
Graeme Riddell PhD Student
Bambang Setiawan Associate Student
Prof Abdul Sheikh Researcher
Houzhi Wang
Houzhi Wang PhD Student
Yasmin Zahr Associate Student