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Graeme Riddell
Graeme Riddell Research Leader

This research is combining integrated modelling, through a dynamic decision support system, with exploratory scenarios to assist policy development for the minimisation of risk across multiple natural hazards. Through this exploration, strategic adaptation pathways are also being considered, with a focus on the trade-off between reliability and flexibility in the mitigation portfolios to ensure policies are effective in the short term, while also capable of handling alternate future conditions.

Handling uncertainty in optimal decision-making for natural hazard mitigation planning
25 Aug 2014
Modelling, simulation and decision support systems are critical for decision making for natural disaster...
Optimising mitigation measures policy and planning decision support
25 Aug 2014
We are developing a decision support system for the assessment of policy and planning investment options for...
Graeme Riddell Conference Poster 2016
12 Aug 2016
Risk is a complex combination of hazards, exposure and vulnerability.