About Macquarie University

Macquarie University based Risk Frontiers is a research centre sponsored by the insurance industry to aid better understanding and pricing of natural hazard risks in the Asia-Pacific region.

Avianto Amri PhD Student
Dr Deanne Bird
Dr Deanne Bird Researcher
Michael Chang Researcher
Dr Ryan Crompton Researcher
Dr Katharine Haynes Alt Project Leader
Paul Hesse Project Leader
Dr Julia Irwin Researcher
Ketayun Kiash Alt Project Leader
Dr Thomas Loridan Project Leader
Tetsuya Okada
Dr Tetsuya Okada Associate Student
Shahriar Rahman Associate Student
Dr Kevin Roche Researcher
Samuel Shumack Researcher
Emma Singh
Dr Emma Singh PhD Student
Dr Mel Taylor Project Leader
Dr Matalena Tofa Researcher
Dr Robin van den Honert Project Leader