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The heat is on... and has been for a while, new research shows

A paper analysing the historical impacts of extreme heatwaves in Australia has been one of the first outputs of a project to measure and understand the impacts of natural hazards in terms of human health and building damage. 

A Mw 9.0 Adelaide Earthquake Scenario

What-if a magnitude 6.0 earthquake happened near Adelaide SA? IN this project we have developed such scenario by using Risk Frontiers earthquake loss model QuakeAUS to calculate losses to property, infrastructure and casualties.

Dr Felipe Dimer de Oliveira is Deputy Director at Risk Frontiers. He has a MSc in Physics from Rio de Janeiro State University in Brazil and a PhD in Quantum Optics from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. His interests include the modelling of stochastic processes, general physics and science education. Felipe is currently involved in the development of Risk Frontier's seismic loss models and a new research programme on earthquake forecasting.