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Modelling refers to the activity of visualising a theoretical concept.

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Landscape moisture modelling Project land management, modelling, soil moisture
Should we leave now? Behavioral factors in evacuation under wildfire threat Biblio fire, modelling
Detecting the effects of prescribed burning using generalised additive modelling Biblio PDF icon save (1.63 MB) fire impacts, modelling, prescribed burning
Flood loss modelling with FLF-IT: a new flood loss function for Italian residential structures Biblio PDF icon save (8.45 MB) flood, mitigation, modelling
Models for lightning-caused wildfire ignition Project fire, modelling
Flooding in South Australia - improved approaches for flood risk reduction by joint consideration of structural, land use planning and community resilience Project flood, modelling
On the Impacts of Observation Location, Timing, and Frequency on Flood Extent Assimilation Performance Biblio flood, forecasting, modelling
Recommended Site Classification Scheme and Design Spectrum Model for Regions of Lower Seismicity Biblio PDF icon save (395.41 KB) engineering, infrastructure, modelling
Simulation of fuel bed ignition by wildland firebrands Biblio fire, fuel reduction, modelling
Floodway inspection and maintenance framework Biblio PDF icon save (3.16 MB) flood, framework, modelling
A probabilistic study of ground motion simulation for Bangkok soil Biblio earthquake, engineering, modelling
A Computational Tool for Ground‐Motion Simulations Incorporating Regional Crustal Conditions Biblio earthquake, modelling, physics
Using alternative soil moisture estimates in the McArthur Forest Fire Danger Index Biblio fire, fire impacts, modelling
Predicting sediment delivery from debris flows after wildfire Biblio fire impacts, modelling, physics
Out-of-plane fragility of URM parts and components based on time-history analysis-comparison to simplified force-based approaches Biblio PDF icon save (1.58 MB) earthquake, engineering, modelling
Simulations of the effect of canopy density profile on sub-canopy wind speed profiles Biblio PDF icon save (988.48 KB) fire, modelling, propagation
An investigation of the dynamics of fire-fire interactions using a coupled fire-atmosphere model Project fire, modelling
Models of buoyant plume rise Biblio PDF icon save (1.3 MB) fire, fire weather, modelling
Black Summer bushfires: South Australia reconstructions Project fire impacts, modelling, risk analysis
Simulations of the waroona fire with the access-fire coupled fire atmosphere model Biblio PDF icon save (914.91 KB) fire, fire impacts, modelling
Understanding Wildfire Patterns in the South-Eastern Australia Biblio PDF icon save (6 MB) fire, modelling, risk management
Analysis and simulation of surface wind fields during landfalling tropical cyclones Project cyclone, modelling, scenario analysis
Physics-based simulation of short-range spotting in wildfires Biblio PDF icon save (21 MB) fire, mitigation, modelling
Determination of smoldering time and thermal characteristics of firebrands under laboratory conditions Biblio fire, fire weather, modelling
In-plane response of perforated unreinforced masonry walls under cyclic loading Biblio PDF icon save (6.79 MB) earthquake, modelling, physics
Verification of a Lagrangian particle model for short-range firebrand transport Biblio PDF icon save (1.26 MB) fire, modelling, propagation
Incorporating firebrands and spot fires into vorticity-driven wildfire behaviour models Biblio PDF icon save (3.04 MB) fire, modelling, physics
The Effects of Fire-Plume Dynamics on the Lateral and Longitudinal Spread of Long-Range Spotting Conference Paper 2014 Biblio PDF icon save (1.21 MB) fire, modelling
Analysis of Variation in Distance, Number, and Distribution of Spotting in Southeast Australian Wildfires Biblio PDF icon save (8.88 MB) fire, fire weather, modelling
Turbulent flow over transitionally rough surfaces with varying roughness densities Biblio PDF icon save (527.34 KB) fire, fire severity, modelling
Optimising post-disaster recovery interventions in Australia - final project report Biblio PDF icon save (1.63 MB) economics, modelling, multi-hazard
Mapping bushfire hazard and impacts: Annual project report 2015-2016 Biblio PDF icon save (2.6 MB) fire impacts, land management, modelling
Effective communication of household wildfire risk through WebGIS: considerations in content, representation and design Biblio PDF icon save (3.91 MB) communication, fire, modelling
Intercomparison of Himawari-8 AHI-FSA with MODIS and VIIRS active fire products Biblio fire, modelling, remote sensing
An early exploration of the use of the Microsoft Azure Kinect for estimation of urban tree Diameter at Breast Height Biblio modelling, remote sensing, resilience
Mapping the efficacy of an Australian fuel reduction burn using Fuels3D point clouds Biblio PDF icon save (509.74 KB) fuel reduction, modelling, prescribed burning
Improved predictions of severe weather to reduce community risk Biblio PDF icon save (5.46 MB) communities, modelling, severe weather
An uncertain future, deep uncertainty, scenarios, robustness and adaptation: How do they fit together? Biblio decision making, modelling, policy
Tomorrow's disasters – Embedding foresight principles into disaster risk assessment and treatment Biblio modelling, policy, risk management
Modelling forest fuel temporal change using LiDAR Project fire, modelling

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