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Modelling refers to the activity of visualising a theoretical concept.

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Investigation of firebrand production during prescribed fires conducted in a pine forest Biblio fire, fire weather, modelling
Landscape moisture modelling Project land management, modelling, soil moisture
The Australian Flammability Monitoring System Biblio PDF icon save (805.45 KB) fire, fire impacts, modelling
A report on WRF software development (preliminary) Biblio PDF icon save (855.76 KB) fire, land management, modelling
A Statistical Approach to Understanding Canopy Winds over Complex Terrain Biblio fire, fire weather, modelling
Models for lightning-caused wildfire ignition Project fire, modelling
Estimating areal rainfall time series using input data reduction, model inversion, and data assimilation Biblio PDF icon save (19.18 MB) flood, hydrology, modelling
In-plane shear testing of unreinforced masonry walls and comparison with FEA and NZSEE predictions Biblio PDF icon save (1.91 MB) earthquake, modelling, physics
Wind-terrain effects on firebrand dynamics Biblio PDF icon save (2.05 MB) fire, modelling, physics
Recommended Site Classification Scheme and Design Spectrum Model for Regions of Lower Seismicity Biblio PDF icon save (395.41 KB) engineering, infrastructure, modelling
Modelling fire weather interactions using the ACCESS-Fire model Project fire impacts, fire weather, modelling
Evaluation of the feasibility and benefits of operational use of alternative satellite data in the Australian Flammability Monitoring System to ensure long-term data continuity Biblio PDF icon save (790.91 KB) fire, modelling, optimisation
Progressive failures of batten to rafter connections under fluctuating wind loads Biblio cyclone, engineering, modelling
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for 3D bushfire mapping Project fire, modelling, risk analysis
Predicting sediment delivery from debris flows after wildfire Biblio fire impacts, modelling, physics
Implementation of a new algorithm resulting in improvements in accuracy and resolution of SEVIRI hotspot products Biblio fire, modelling, remote sensing
Unpacking the sectoral income effects of natural disasters: evidence from the 2010-11 Queensland floods Biblio PDF icon save (382.45 KB) economics, flood, modelling
An investigation of the dynamics of fire-fire interactions using a coupled fire-atmosphere model Project fire, modelling
Climate Change Increases the Potential for Extreme Wildfires Biblio fire, fire weather, modelling
A Method for Validating the Structural Completeness of Understory Vegetation Models Captured with 3D Remote Sensing Biblio PDF icon save (3.65 MB) fire, modelling, remote sensing
A response to comments of Cruz et al. on: ‘Simulation study of grass fire using a physics-based model: striving towards numerical rigour and the effect of grass height on the rate of spread’ Biblio fire, modelling, physics
Analysis and simulation of surface wind fields during landfalling tropical cyclones Project cyclone, modelling, scenario analysis
Constructing a data reliability framework for the natural hazard exposure information system Biblio PDF icon save (1.37 MB) exposure, modelling, multi-hazard
Cost effectiveness of fire management strategies in southern Australia Biblio fire, modelling, organisational
Integrating bushfire risk reduction and statutory mechanisms in South Australia Biblio PDF icon save (753.84 KB) fire, mitigation, modelling
Empirically derived method and software for semi-automatic calibration of Cellular Automata land-use models Biblio land management, modelling, optimisation
Shear Wall and Frame Dual Systems Featuring Discontinuous Load Paths in Frame Elements in Low-to-Moderate Seismic Regions Biblio earthquake, modelling, physics
The Effects of Fire-Plume Dynamics on the Lateral and Longitudinal Spread of Long-Range Spotting Conference Paper 2014 Biblio PDF icon save (1.21 MB) fire, modelling
A new quantitative smoke forecasting system for Victoria Biblio PDF icon save (911.66 KB) fire weather, forecasting, modelling
Turbulent flow over transitionally rough surfaces with varying roughness densities Biblio PDF icon save (527.34 KB) fire, fire severity, modelling
Statistical Characterisation Of Wind Fields Over Complex Terrain With Applications In Bushfire Modelling Biblio PDF icon save (30.13 MB) fire, modelling, propagation
Damage modelling of reinforced concrete bridge piers under flood and log impact Biblio PDF icon save (4.37 MB) engineering, flood, modelling
Improved predictions of severe weather to reduce community risk Biblio PDF icon save (5.46 MB) communities, modelling, severe weather
Experiments on the influence of spot fire and topography interaction on fire rate of spread Biblio PDF icon save (1.63 MB) fire, fire weather, modelling
Mapping bushfire hazard and impacts: Annual project report 2015-2016 Biblio PDF icon save (2.6 MB) fire impacts, land management, modelling
Developing better predictions for extreme water levels: Final data report Biblio PDF icon save (4.24 MB) coastal, modelling, severe weather
Development of an interface using penalisation method for improving computational performance of bushfire simulation tools Project fire, modelling, physics
Use of Macroseismic Intensity Data to Validate a Regionally Adjustable Ground Motion Prediction Model Biblio earthquake, engineering, modelling
Ecosystem resilience - technological advances to increases efficiency of ecosystem resilience monitoring Project emergency management, modelling, resilience
An uncertain future, deep uncertainty, scenarios, robustness and adaptation: How do they fit together? Biblio decision making, modelling, policy

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