Student researcher

Peter Middleton Research Leader

The project will work in collaboration with the Communication and Warnings cluster towards achieving the objectives of this cluster.

The research investigation aim is: To enhance the provision of public information in Tasmania’s emergency services (TFS and SES) for major incidents (level 2 and 3 incidents), as guided by evidence based practice.

The literature review and base line survey will review the current state of practice. The work based research project will utilise evidence based strategies to implement systems development and coordination of public information. Ensuring that the Tasmanian public is receiving a high standard of public information for major (level 2/3 incidents) bushfire, floods, storms and other emergencies now and into the future.

Project objectives

  1. Conduct an in depth literature review in the public information space, critically analysing public information systems in practice. Exploring evidence based practice in a policy context, theories and current research.
  2. Collaborate with researchers in the public information field. Including the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre (BNHCRC), universities, industry bodies and other relevant institutions to inform evidence based practice.
  3. Conduct a survey of Tasmanian emergency services (TFS/SES) managers and staff to gauge current understanding of existing practices.
  4. Investigate three other jurisdictional (Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia) approaches to the management of public information during major incidents, through interviews and/or case studies.
  5. Review and identify improvements to existing TFS and SES public information doctrine and organisational policy. Including, consideration as to how this links with national policy.
  6. Enable and coordinate the TFS and SES Public Information Coordination Group to steer evidence based practice. Enabling and developing implementation on the ground.
Enhancing Public Information practice during the response phase
07 Feb 2020
The Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission findings stated that Public Information (PI) during the response...