Peter Middleton

Associate student
Peter Middleton

Peter Middleton is the state-wide Coordinator Community Development at Tasmania Fire Service based in Hobart. Peter has a passion for evidence based community development in emergency management across the areas of prevention, preparedness and response.

Peter coordinates a specialised team of Community Development Officers who develop community capacity to prevent, prepare for and respond to bushfires and fires in the home.  He also coordinates the multi-award winning Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods program which aims to increase shared responsibility and has a vision that 'we all play a part- individuals, fire agencies and communities'.

He holds a Graduate Diploma in Emergency Management though Charles Sturt University. In 2018 Peter completed his Master of Emergency Management through Charles Sturt Univerity as a CRC associate student.

Student project

The project will work in collaboration with the Communication and Warnings cluster towards achieving the objectives of this cluster. The research investigation aim is: To enhance the provision of public information in Tasmania’s emergency services (TFS and SES) for major incidents (level 2 and 3 incidents), as guided by evidence based practice.

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